Day 296:  Forest Fairy Dress 1
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Day 296: Forest Fairy Dress

Day 297: Deb Day Top
Day 295: Giraffe-tastic Top

I’m quite happy with today’s refashion, you guys!  🙂  I started with this $1 3x long sleeve tee from Goodwill.

Day 296:  Forest Fairy Dress 2
Honey, I shrunk the Jillian!

I chose this big tee for a couple of reasons.  First off, it’s made of really high-quality thick cotton jersey, which isn’t always easy to find.  I also knew I’d want to make it into a dress, and the only shirts I can really do this with have to be 2x or greater, otherwise they won’t be long enough.

The first thing I needed to do was get this shirt in shape.  🙂  I put it on my dress form right-side-out and pinned the sides.

Day 296:  Forest Fairy Dress 3
Are you wondering why I didn't turn it inside-out? 🙂

Then, I sewed the sides up, except for the sleeves!

Day 296:  Forest Fairy Dress 4

Then, I did some cutting!

Day 296:  Forest Fairy Dress 5
Do you see where I'm going here?

I cut two small holes right next to the seams on my waist.

Day 296:  Forest Fairy Dress 6
Holey Moley! 🙂

I cut the sleeves off the two side strips, and stitched my two strips together.

Day 296:  Forest Fairy Dress 7
Two becoming One! Awwwww! 🙂

I reached into my dye stash, and pulled out this guy:

Day 296:  Forest Fairy Dress 8
Verde Suave!

Now, as some of you might remember, the washing machine in my new digs doesn’t get hot water for some reason.  :/  As I want a nice, dark, saturated hue for my new dress, cold water just wasn’t an option.  I was also running late to meet a friend from out of town, and really needed to do all of my girly getting ready stuff.  This meant I really didn’t have time to sit and stir a pot of dye for an hour. :/

So, I did what any lazy girl would do, I just wadded up the dress and plopped it into a dye bath on my stove, and left it there for an hour.  I knew the dye wouldn’t set evenly…but I was optimistic.  I figured an uneven dye job could end up looking pretty cool.  🙂

Day 296:  Forest Fairy Dress 9
Abandoning my dress to its fate!

After the hour was up, I rinsed it in my machine.

Day 296:  Forest Fairy Dress 10
Rinsey Rinsey!

After it was all rinsed out, I dried it, and tossed it on just in time to head out to meet an old college pal from my theatre days!  🙂

Day 296:  Forest Fairy Dress 11
I seriously love this one, folks! 🙂

I realllllly like this one!  I like my side fin things, how the sash works, and the uneven green color!

My hip new dress was perfect for a day spent at the very hip Indie Grits Film Festival!

But first…I needed to taste a bit of wine at Cellar on Greene.  😉

Day 296:  Forest Fairy Dress 12
Happy Winos! 🙂

Then, Gary and I checked out a few short films at the new Nickelodeon Theater…

Day 296:  Forest Fairy Dress 13
Happy Filmgoers! 🙂

One of which was in 3-D!

Day 296:  Forest Fairy Dress 14
The filmmaker actually made her own 3-D specs AND hand-painted them too! 🙂

We even got to vote on which films we liked best!

Day 296:  Forest Fairy Dress 15
I am the DECIDER!!!! 🙂

This was such a fun and busy day!  We went around checking out the studios a few local artists, and even saw a puppet slam that night!!!  Sadly, I couldn’t take any pics (flash photography is a major no-no!), but the show was completely amazeballs!

Day 296:  Forest Fairy Dress 16
This. Was. Awesome. 🙂

I love days like this where there are tons of awesome & unique cultural events going on in my little city.  It really makes me proud to live here in Columbia, SC.  🙂


Day 296:  Forest Fairy Dress 17


  • Racy

    i must admit, i really did NOT know where you were going when you stitched up the ‘right-side-out’ tee shirt. But i must also admit, it’s ADORABLE on you! I have also been kinda hoarding some 2xl and 3xl tee shirts from the mens section of my goodwill store, the softer the better..not sure what I would do with them. I’ve made a few cute halters out of some, but THIS might be my next refashion 🙂 Great idea and the dye job totally rocked!

  • Bat Ma'am

    This is one of my faves 🙂 I had to re-read and study the pics to finally get what you did with the holes! Thanks for yet another inspiration, I’m digging for something to try this with NOW!

  • Polysammo

    I am Quite a bit larger than you, but have lost about 80lbs this year. I have a mens 5X ties dye Tshirt that I can do this too. I discovered your Blog on 6/29 & am working my way back. I have so many Clothes waiting for refashioning it is going to be so exciting to get started.
    Also don’t forget that Stained Tshirts make great Rags for the kitchen. We are down to 1/2 roll of Paper towels per month from 1 every 2 days.

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