Day 302: Party Animal Dress 1
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Day 302: Party Animal Dress

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Day 301: Tangerine Dream Dress

Whoa!  Check out that number, if you will (and I think you will)!  Day THREE flippin’ HUNDRED!!!!!!!!!!!!  You can tell by the superfluous exclamation points that I’m pretty excited about this.  Only 65 days to go!!!!!!!!  🙂

I had yet another reason to celebrate!  Today was the annual Riverbanks Zoo Wine Tasting!!!!  I look forward to this event every year, as it’s pretty much the event for Columbia winos.

I thought today’s piece was quite fitting for the occasion!

Day 302: Party Animal Dress 2

I really wanted to wear a dress for the event, and was still feeling inspired by Day 285’s skirt-to-dress refashion.  This was going to be a bit different, but still in the same vein.

I got started by putting the skirt on my dress form with the waistband around the neck.  then, I pinned down each side where I wanted my sleeves to be.

Day 302: Party Animal Dress 3
Future Sleeves! 🙂

I stitched down each side…

Day 302: Party Animal Dress 4

Then, I sewed a second line about 1/2 ” next to the original line.  These would be my sleeves.  I cut between the two lines, and decided to shorten my new sleeves so they’d be about 3/4 length.

Day 302: Party Animal Dress 5
Sorry Mr. Elephant...You're cut off!

My new sleeves got new hems.

Day 302: Party Animal Dress 6
Exciting and New!!!

Now…I was allllmost done!  I just had a few little nips/tucks to do here and there to make my new dress fit properly!

Day 302: Party Animal Dress 7
This is the finicky bit!

After my last tweaks were complete, I was ready to consume copious amounts of vino!  🙂

Day 302: Party Animal Dress 8

As we wandered about, I got tons of compliments on my fab new frock!  🙂

Day 302: Party Animal Dress 9
Happy Winos! 🙂


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