Day 310:  Crawfish Fest Top 1
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Day 310: Crawfish Fest Top

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Well lookie here at this pretty silk skirt!  🙂

Day 310:  Crawfish Fest Top 2
It’s just an ordinary skirt, right?

And look at this!

Day 310:  Crawfish Fest Top 3

Yep.  This is a Diane VonFurstenberg skirt that was donated to Revente’s Last Call.  Unfortunately, they couldn’t sell it because of this:

Day 310:  Crawfish Fest Top 4
Wonky Stretched-Out Elastic! :/

You can see in the above pic where someone knotted the stretched-out elastic waistband to make it fit better.  I’m all out of thin elastic right now (gotta run to the craft store soon!), but my plan is just to replace it, and give the skirt back to RLC to sell.

…But that’s not really blog-worthy, now is it? 🙂

I put the skirt on my dress form upside-down and inside-out, pinning it with saftey pins on one shoulder.

Day 310:  Crawfish Fest Top 5
Just a couple of pins is all you need!

I didn’t stitch it down, because I knew I wanted to keep this as a skirt.  Not to worry!  The pins were totally unnoticeable!  🙂

I wore my new top to a friend’s place where we pre-gamed before heading off to the Rosewood Crawfish Festival!  🙂

Day 310:  Crawfish Fest Top 6
I think Diane would be pleased! 🙂
Day 310:  Crawfish Fest Top 7
Someone didn’t want to be in this pic! 😛
Day 310:  Crawfish Fest Top 8
You gotta have friends! 🙂

Unfortunately, I completely underestimated how blazingly hot it was going to be outside!!!!  :/  Luckily, I always keep something to change into in my car (Does anyone else do this?).  This way if in my many adventures I end up spilling something on myself or needing a to change for any reason at all (Such as say…a Zombie Apocalypse), I’m prepared!  My thrifted cotton dress worked muuuuuch better for a day spent in the hot sun!  🙂

I guess I really didn’t have to tell you any of that, but I wanted to share a couple of fun pics from this delightful day with you!  🙂

Day 310:  Crawfish Fest Top 9
4 Pretty Ladies! 🙂
Day 310:  Crawfish Fest Top 10
It’s a GIANT CRAWFISH!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂



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