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Day 350: Carrie Bradshaw Striped Shirt Refashion

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Sometimes I draw a lot of inspiration blatantly steal ideas from other refashionistas out there.  Today’s refashion is inspired by Sally over at Charity Shop Chic

Sally’s blog recently featured a Carrie Bradshaw Month, where she created clever knockoffs of stylish pieces worn by Sarah Jessica Parker on Sex and the City.

She was inspired by this top by Sonia Rykiel:

Carrie Bradshaw in Striped Shirt Sonia Rykiel
Tres Chic, no?

…so she created her own version (you can check out Sally’s tutorial here) out of a thrifted tee!  🙂

Day 350: Carrie Bradshaw Striped Shirt Refashion 1
Sweet! 🙂

I decided I simply must have a go at making my own version!  I managed to thrift a navy and white stripey tee for $1.

Carrie Bradshaw Striped Shirt Refashion
Not very exciting, eh?

Alright.  I knew I wanted my tee to be fitted like SJP’s, and I knew I didn’t want to lose any of the bottom length (I like my tees a bit longer than normal). 

This meant I’d be deviating from Sally’s tutorial (where she got the fabric for the flower from the bottom) and winging it!  🙂

I took my tee in 3″ on each side.

sewing side seam of shirt

Then, I cut off the excess material…

cutting excess fabric from side seam of shirt

Okay…now here’s where I go out on my own. 

I pinned the doubled up serged seam from one of the chopped off sides into a pleated spiral. This will make my flower nice and full. 

Then, I put it under the needle!

sewing flower on to shirt
Stitching it down!

I didn’t make my flower as big as SJP’s or Sally’s.  If you want a larger flower, just stitch the two discarded sides together and make a bigger spiral.

I opted for a pretty shoulder flower instead.  🙂

Carrie Bradshaw Striped Shirt Refashion after
Quite fetching, I think! 🙂

Next time I do this project, I’ll try not to chicken out and go full-flower!  😀

Carrie Bradshaw Striped Shirt Refashion after closeup
This will do nicely til then! 🙂


Day 350: Carrie Bradshaw Striped Shirt Refashion 2
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