Day 361:  The Right to Bare Dress 1
Dress Refashions

Day 361: The Right to Bare Arms…er…Arm Dress

Day 362: Mairi Shrug
Day 360: Spearmint Dress

Some days I honestly just don’t want to bother.

Day 361:  The Right to Bare Dress 2
Refashion, Schmeschmashion!

But I must soldier on!  I’m so verrrrry close to the end of my 365 Day project!!!!

The print on today’s dress is lovely, but the cut and the size aren’t quite doing it for me.  I wasn’t in a sewing mood, so I started playing with my new dress, and pinned it in a couple of places.

Day 361:  The Right to Bare Dress 3
Day 361:  The Right to Bare Dress 4
Pinned again!

Okay…so the above pics are slightly less than informative, so let me explain what I did here.  I took one of the sleeves and pinned it inside the dress to my opposite shoulder.  Then I pinned it again right near my armpit (from the inside again) to make the top nice & fitted.

Now I have a lovely shoulder-baring dress for a fun evening with friends!  🙂

Day 361:  The Right to Bare Dress 5
I have the right to bare arms…er…arm! 😉
Day 361:  The Right to Bare Dress 6
She drinks a cider drink…:)

Cheers!  🙂


  • Corry

    Just found you tonight via pintrest. I love what you do. I can barely sew a button, and here you are with a pin, here, a snip and chop there, and voila’! Mind you a size two would barely fit my left leg so, I don’t think most women can go into a thrift store and can whip up outfits like you do, but you certainly make people think about the different possibilities they have with clothing. What a tremendous gift you have. You are remarkable. Thank you for sharing.

  • Paula

    I’ve re-fashioned a lot of Good Will dresses into skirts — never spent more than a half hour on one — but you do so much more, so beautifully!

  • tonia bartley

    Wow! You are so inspiring! I am amazed (and excited) to find all these wonderful refasions in one spot. Thanks so much for sharing.

  • April

    I found your blog through pinterest earlier this week and have spent the last 3 days reading it from top to bottom. I don’t do that very often, just with something that rocks my socks! I am so impressed by all the muumuus/kaftans/granny dresses that have been transformed into beautiful dresses/skirts/shirts!!! I did not have high hopes for the blue jean dress, but it was so cute when you were done! I am so inspired to do something similar. Cinderella’s fairy godmother is surely reading your blog for tips!

    I am sure that it gets tiring and you have other things clamoring for your attention once you hit day 365, but I hope you keep it up! Oh, and this year was a leap year, so I think you need to have an encore on day 366. 😉 You totally did change the way I look at clothes and it only took 3 days!

    Cheers, back at ya! Clink!

  • Heather C.

    Thank you for all of your wonderful shares! You have inspired me in many ways. I do have one question. When you dye something, how do you figure out your color combinations?

  • Kim

    I just found your blog from pinterest and it’s awesome-sauce! But I’m kind of bummed that I’m jumping on the wagon at the end of the ride …. Hope you keep going

  • racy

    Cute refashion…I’ve never tried that myself (no-sew, pin/tuck/tie etc)… but hey, I have a non-refashion-related question. Who/where and why was your banner pic taken? Was it some kind of modelling shoot? It’s always made me wonder 🙂

  • Jes

    I may or may have just discovered you and may or may not have spent the past hour perusing your blog posts. 🙂 Love your work!

  • pattyt

    I agree with the others. Please don’t stop your refashion posting after day 365. I read you and “new dress a day” daily (but this one is better).

  • Shelley

    You go girl! A question burning in my mind lately is : What will happen to you on Day 365? Will you disappear into the blog ether? Take a long vacation? Or (I hope) continue to surpirse and amuse us with your ability to see the beauty and function in the “butt ugly” world of mass produced clothing? You are an amazing creative spirit whose ingenuity inspires those of us who follow your blog. I certainly hope you will continue your journey of refashioning and let us come along for the ride.

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