Day 365:  Kitschy Dress 1
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Day 365: Kitschy Dress

Day 366: The End? A Wedding Dress Refashion
Day 364: All Tied Up Top

Today’s piece is a fun & kitschy handmade house dress.  🙂

Day 365:  Kitschy Dress 2
The fun is there, I promise! 🙂

Okay…I’m not a fan of the brown & white print (too tablecloth-y!) and this is obviously too big for me.  Let’s see what we can do about all that, shall we?

First, I threw the dress into a dye bath with my good friend, Scarlet.  🙂

Day 365:  Kitschy Dress 3
Frankly my dear, I DO give a damn!
Day 365:  Kitschy Dress 4
Bath Time! 🙂

After about 40 minutes in the dye and a rinse & dry, my new dress was ready to be taken in!

Day 365:  Kitschy Dress 5
Day 365:  Kitschy Dress 6
Day 365:  Kitschy Dress 7

I decided some of that length had to go as well!

Day 365:  Kitschy Dress 8

Now my new dress is ready for a fun supper with friends!

Day 365:  Kitschy Dress 9

I have to admit, there is no way I could have made it through this year without a lot of help from my friends!  🙂

Day 365:  Kitschy Dress 10

Their support has meant the world to me.  🙂

Day 365:  Kitschy Dress 11
Remember Ava? She’s almost walking on her own now! 🙂
Day 365:  Kitschy Dress 12
Gotta have friends! 🙂

Oh and check this out…my dress didn’t travel alone either!  🙂

Day 365:  Kitschy Dress 13
I heart vintage aprons! 🙂

Of course…this isn’t the end of my year of refashioning.  I was silly enough to start this challenge on a leap year, you see!  😉

So…technically this is a 366 day project.

Do you wonder what I have in store?



  • Alyssa Guinto

    This is great! You should definitely check out Hippy Chic Hawaii as well ( They take used fired house and create very fashionable belts, wallets, keychains, dog collars, dog leashes, and other things. They’ve diverted nearly 10 tons of used fire hoses out of Hawaii’s very limited landfill space! Thank you for sharing this!

  • Desiree

    Hi! I stumbled across your blog and really lovveee it. It’s inspires one to think out of the box. One question though : do you work fulltime ? Or blessed to be at home with enough time to do these projects? Anyhow, enjoy it and thanx for all the gorgeous ideas! South-African greetings, Desiree

    • ReFashionista


      Bahahahahahahahahaaaaa! Oh my! I WISH I didn’t have to work full time, but sadly I do. At a sad government job that isn’t very inspiring…hence my need for this blog. 🙂

      Thanks so much for reading! 🙂

  • JoannaH

    So clever! I’m always looking for ways to upcycle my secondhand wardrobe into pieces I love. I’ve altered many an item for a better fit, but never something that didn’t even remotely come close to fit me. You are inspiring. 🙂

  • Ashley Burns

    Have LOVED seeing all your refashions! You are an inspiration! Please don’t stop, I know you may want to post less frequently, (totally understandable, you deserve a 365 day vacation after all that!), but the community of refashioners will be very sad to not see your incredible work (at least every so often 😉 )

  • Kayte

    I discovered your blog through your appearance on RR. I was excited to find that you are close to my hometown, Charleston! Your creativity is inspirational. I hope you’ll continue blogging and showing your readers your fabulous refashions. Until then I’ll continue to catch up on your past year of posts.

  • Heatherm27

    Please don’t let this be the end (or tomorrow.) Can we start a campaign to get you your own TV-show!? I’m thinking TLC or Bravo would be perfect for you!

  • dramaqueenseams

    Congrats on completing you challenge. Love all your re~fashioning designs. I have nominated you for the Very inspiring and One lovely blog award and thought you may want to check it out. Have a great day!

    • Lala

      If you haven’t done so yet, DO! It’s time! Just look in front of a mirror and keep adjusting the item until you think you’ll like it. You can also ask a friend’s advice before cutting. Also, if it’s something you’re really afraid of hurting, try a free or cheaply thrifted item you might otherwise despise, so you won’t care if it doesn’t work out.
      But keep at it, because I’m sure you’ll surprise yourself. And if not, copy something of Jillian’s you like, or even attempt to copy a designer’s in the store you like. But make it worth it and have fun! If anything, you could probably just find cite enough clothes in a thrift store to wear as is.

    • Lala

      Sorry but I have to say that I’m bummed that cute neckline wasn’t utilized. But nobody’s gong to agree with every refashion in the same way, and I’m grateful you take chances and seem to like your stuff, and that you’ve inspired so many!

  • cambridgeartteacher

    Well, I have to say, it has taken me a few days to go through your entire refashion website and I absolutely love it! I laughed, I literally cried (so sorry about your trials, but you are right – you are getting through it well!), I remembered how much I love going to the thrift store. Now I have more reasons to go! You are truly an inspiration and someone I could see as a friend – I love your quirkiness! I’m one of those teachers you poke fun at – I totally get you! We teachers have to wear the most awful things in the name of “not being a distraction to the students.” I am all for you continuing this refashion site if you can please! I know you are a busy busy person (amazing you could do all this), but obviously you have a lot of followers and you are truly an inspiration to re-purpose those old and awful things that most people throw away. Keep it up and take very good care!

  • jennbecca

    Yes, CONGRATULATIONS!!! It’s been a blast seeing what you come up with and how very creative you are!!!! Indeed inspiring and your happy spirit shines brightly throughout your photos! Yes, THANK YOU THANK YOU. Whatever you decide to do, please keep your blog and keep all of us posted 🙂

  • Suzanne Cates

    I found your blog three days ago and really haven’t done much since but catch up! After tomorrow, I hope you continue even if it isn’t every day. You are funny, inspirational, and have shown courage throughout the past year. I raise my glass to you! Cheers!

  • countrymouse

    I just want to thank you for 365 days of bright, colourful blog posts. I’ve been following you since before you set yourself this challenge and have loved the little peek into your world, especially on rainy Scottish days! Looking forward to day 366 and hoping you continue your blog, even if it’s no longer a daily commitment. Lou xx

  • Rosie

    I can’t wait to see what you have in store for day 366 and I’m horrified this may be the end. Say it isn’t so! I just discovered your blog last week and have read the whole darn thing. Do you know how many times I’ve done that? Um, exactly once. You do cool work, lady, and you inspired me to get off my butt and work on a pile I had set aside for refashioning for my kiddo. Two outfits in the last two days with great results! Thank you! I think school clothes shopping is going to be WAY cheaper this year. 🙂

  • Ann-Marie

    Just found you on Saturday, oh-so-close to day 365! Your blog is entertaining and inspiring (enough for me to consider busting my old sewing machine out of the dusty, musty basement.) I truly *never thought* of any of the things you’ve done here, and it has been fun to try and catch up. I bet you’re ready to go nuts at Macy’s, but like the other commenters, I’m glad we get an extra day, and hope you’ll continue to post!

  • Ange Movius

    I’ve been following you for the last couple weeks and I would love to see a tutorial on using dye in your washer without making a ton of work for yourself when you are done. Don’t you have to scrub out the machine to get it all off after? I dye in a bucket but a washing machine seems like it would be easier- you do it all the time so I figure it must work. Any tips? Suggestions?

    • ReFashionista

      Cleaning the machine is easy-peasy! All you do it put in the appropriate amount of laundry soap for a full load, add a cup of bleach, put it on it’s hottest setting, and let it clean itself. 🙂 Bucket dyeing is a bit of a pain, as you have to stir your piece constantly.

  • Elizabeth Fortune

    I just started following your a week or so ago and LOVE to see the before and afters! I cannot sew a stitch to save my life but wish I could. Especially after seeing your creativity turn old pieces into cool pieces! Since you are almost done with your 365 days, I am going to have to start going backward and looking at all of your old posts! Even if you don’t keep posting daily, I hope that you continue to share your transformations with us on occasion!

    • Lala

      There are many free online tutorials. Yet not all are professional, which I find us obvious, but that’s probably because I learned by pros.
      Depending on how important that is, and what you can afford, you can purchase classes, online or local. is a good source, and on sale can be as cheap as $15-20.
      A machine can be purchased cheaply via craigslist or thrifted.

  • debbielynne

    My life won’t be the same if I don’t have a daily refashion to see. I hope you’ll reconsider and head into year #2!

  • Kate

    Ditto what Melody said…. pppplllleeeease I beg of you…. You have inspired me so so so so much. Please say yes, that you’ll carry on. Don’t leave us hangin!!! Or…. we could bombard your emails with nagging messages……

  • Amy C

    That doesn’t even look similar to the original. Gorgeous job. Your hair looks great to, by the way. I have to say all of your work is fabulous and inspiring, but what mostly has me hooked on your blog is your wonderful personality. I bet all your friends adore you. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for the bonus day!

  • AliB

    I am so bummed that I am caught up on your whole blog. I just started a week ago and now that I found you I hope you continue, even if it’s not everyday 🙂

  • Karen E

    I just found your blog yesterday, and I love it. You are incredibly creative! Now that you have done all this work, do all these cloths actually live in your closet as part of your regular wardrobe?

    • Lala

      She’s donated them where sales went to a shelter for battered women. You can read it if you click her link titled “about”.

  • Melody

    I agree with Victoria!! Please don’t stop although I will understand that you do have a life. There is nobody else like you on the Internet that inspires this much and I am not sure how I will handle the withdrawals of not seeing you and your creations anymore!!!

  • Victoria S Andrews

    Please, please, please don’t stop!!!!! Do more, at least 6 months more for the ultimate world title.

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