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I feel almost guilty about admitting this, but sometimes when I’m at Target getting toothpaste, shampoo, or whathaveyou, I wander into the clothing section.  While wandering the other day, I saw several pairs of flood-length jeans that I loved!  And I coveted them.  And I allllllmost bought a pair.  But then I remembered this pair of jeans that I’ve had for years, but never wear anymore:

Just a normal pair of jeans, y’all.  :)

There’s nothing wrong with these jeans, I just seem to prefer every other pair I own over them.  This means they’ll be perfect to transform into floods!

I used a safety pin to mark where I wanted my new floods to fall on my leg.

See it?

Then I made a couple of chops!


I didn’t feel like trying to rock the frayed look, so I folded those raw edges under twice.

Pinned & Prepped!

Then, I ran each leg under the needle.


After a quick press, I was all done!  :)

A most pressing issue!

And just like that, I now have a cute pair of trendy floods!  AND I saved myself about 30 bucks!  :)

Leaving on a Jet Plane…

But wait a tic…why am I at the airport?  And why is my sewing machine hanging out in the bottom corner of the above pic?

About to take another big CHOMP out of the Big Apple! :)

I have some exciting news, friends!  A couple of days ago, I was contacted by Good Afternoon America!!!!   I’ll be on Thursday’s show (August 2nd) doing a surprise refashion LIVE!!!!  Check your local listings, folks!

This suits me fine, as I’m not much of a “morning” person! ;)

A lucky audience member will get a personalized refash by moi!  I wonder who I’ll pick?!  :)

Wish me luck!!!!

Meet my companion (how very Doctor Who!), Larry! :)


48 thoughts on “Jet Setter Jeans

  1. Hello Larry! Could he be a new fella? Love the floods! I’m insipired to do the same to a couple of pair of jeans just wasting away in my closet. Good Luck on the show!

  2. I’ll be watching Good Afternoon, America!!! tomorrow to catch “THE REFASHIONISTA!!! Hope you’re on the track to the top!!!!! Can barely wait to see you!!!!!

  3. How AWESOME! I just recently found your blog but I think I’ve looked at almost all your posts in just the past couple of days! Your refashions are AWESOME! I’ll be watching out for ya!

  4. Congrats, Jill! I don’t have access to American TV from where I live, but I firmly believe
    that You will rock everyone’s socks off. Have fun!

  5. Just watched GAA, you were great and I really liked what you did with that gals jacket! I especially loved that you wore one of the refashions from your “366 days”. You’re just darling!

  6. Too sad that we don’t get US channels over here in Europe… I’d so love to watch your appearance on the show! YouTube, anyone? ;)

    1. Click on the “Good Afternoon America” link above in this thread and it should take you to the GAA website to watch the clip….

      1. hmmm, just read below,, sorry, didn’t know “they” could prevent you from watching on-line. Hopefully someone will put it on YouTube…

      2. Oh lucky! Here it is!!!
        Oh I’m so chuffed! And yes, watching it brought a big smile onto my face when I heard the words “frumpy”, “chop” and “sash” ;)
        After checking in here almost every day to read, it was like seeing a good old friend on TV. Somehow strange, isn’t it ;)
        Thousand roses! @->–

  7. Second that comment – I’m in Canada and due to ‘international rights’, I can’t access this video. Would love to see it, so if anyone could throw it up on YouTube, that makes at least two of us Refashionita groupies who would be very happy!

    1. I was so bold to look it up, et voilà, bold enough to put the link to my reply above! So someone was already so nice to upload it on YT. Thank you, stranger!

  8. I was out running errands yesterday and a little before 1, I thought, The ReFashionista is going to be on here shortly-so I ran over to a Mexican resturant and asked them if they would turn a tv on so I could watch you! I got seated right in front of a tv and had it all to myself! As usual, you did a great job on that lady’s jacket!!!!! Be looking for more great things from you!!!!!

  9. Congrats!!! I love what you did with the jeans! Sounds like the TV show went well…I’m just sad that I’m just now reading this and missed it. Is it online somewhere?

  10. Thanks to whoever it may have been that put it onto Youtube. I was busting to see it here in New Zealand… you did a wonderful job and it really WAS like watching an old friend on the tv as someone else said… as for the jeans – LOVE it… am going to get the scissors out and chop chop a couple of pairs of pants in the same way for summer – if it ever gets here…. Job well done!!! Kate

  11. Jillian, Nice job on GAA! That jacket-to-shirt turned out wonderfully! I love that you were wearing a previous refashion, as well!
    You’ve inspired me, and I’m now sewing up some garments as we speak. I must say, I’m currently very envious of your dress form! Hopefully they turn out decently. I’m not much of a seamstress, yet. That will come! Thanks for the VERY detailed pictures/instructions throughout your blog. They are my pattern for my new clothes! LOVE IT! KEEP UP THE INSPIRATIONAL WORK!!

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