An Over-Oversized Oxford 1
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An Over-Oversized Oxford

Half-Off Day at The Goodwill Clearance Center!
The Cat's Meow Dress

-I love checking out street fashion blogs to get new ideas.  One of my faves is The Sartorialist.  A trend I started seeing in the summer was the oversized oxford.  I fell in love.

An Over-Oversized Oxford 2
From The Sartorialist

Granted, it’s way to chilly to go bare-legged right now.  Although…if I had legs like blondie here, I’d probably go for it anyways!  🙂  I like this look because it’s easy to achieve and it doesn’t have to be pricey.  I mean, anyone can find an oversized oxford at a thrift store right?

Except…I got a little carried away when I was at the $1 a pound Goodwill and went too far. :/

No, Jillian.  You're doing it wrong.  :(
No, Jillian. You’re doing it wrong. 🙁

Oversized is cool.  But waaaay too big and boxy is not cool.  On anyone!

I wasn’t giving up!  All this top needed was a quick take-in.

Pin it!
Pin it!
Stitch it!
Stitch it!

I actually ended up having to take this shirt in a second time.  No biggie.  It’s always good to err on the side of caution when taking something in as it’s muuuch easier to stitch a new seam than it is to unpick one with your seam ripper.

My new shirt was still pretty wrinkly from the dryer, so I gave it a quick press…

Meet the press!
Meet the press!

…and then I was done!  🙂


I cinched the waist of my new top with a fab obi belt from a dress I have yet to refashion.  This was an uber-budget refash, too!  Not only did I get it from the $1 a pound Goodwill Clearance Center, I got it on their half-off day (huzzah!).  So, I’d guesstimate that this top ended up costing me about a quarter…if that!  🙂

Happy with my new top, I headed over to The Whig to attempt outlining some ideas for, as well as my other (much-neglected) blog.

The ideas are flowin' like gravy!  :)
The ideas are flowin’ like gravy! 🙂

I had completely forgotten that Wednesday was Trivi-Yeah!  night.  A couple of nice fellas managed to recruit me to their team.  They chose the (wildly inaccurate and possibly cursed) team name, “The Winning Team”.  We were not winners that night, my friends.  :/

We we next to last place when I bailed like a rat from a sinking ship.  :/
We were next to last place when I bailed like a rat from a sinking ship. :/

The good news is, I managed to jot lots of sweet new ideas down.  I can’t wait for 2013, when I get to unroll all the fabulousness out for ya!

Until then…

Writing Writing...just keep writing....:)
Writing Writing…just keep writing….:)

Cheers!  🙂

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