Merry Christmas Eve! 1
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Merry Christmas Eve!

Christmas Time in ReFashionland!
Half-Off Day at The Goodwill Clearance Center!

Merry Christmas Eve, everybody!  🙂  I hope your holiday season has been awesome and spent with the people you love the most!

I was in a festive mood when I picked out this happy red frock:

It even blends in with my curtains!
It even blends in with my curtains!

This dress was a gift from a friend of mine (Hi, Paul!) who though I’d have some fun with it.

It didn’t need much, actually!

Just a snip!
Just a snip!

Whew!  Thank goodness for easy refashes!  I had cookies to bake and prezzies to wrap!  🙂  I tied on the cute obi belt that came with this dress and was ready to entertain!  🙂

My tree isn't pathetic.  It's just humble.  :)
My tree isn’t pathetic. It’s just humble. 🙂

I spent my Christmas Eve with these two sweet fellas!  🙂

Fella & Son!  :)
Fella & Son! 🙂
Spock loves Christmas, too!  :)
Spock loves Christmas, too! 🙂

So, while the cookies turned into malformed blobs and the weather outside was frightful(ly rainy), we had a terrific time watching movies, playing video games, and nomming on tasty snacks!  🙂




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