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First Ever Thrift Score Thursday!!!

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ReFashionista 2013!!!

Woo hoo!  It’s time for my first ever Thrift Score Thursday!!!!

One of the great things about going thrifting all the time is that you’re more likely to stumble upon the really amazeballs deals than your average fickle thrifter.  🙂

And this is my best find for this week:

Look at my feet, M'kay?
Look at my feet, M’kay?

Oh wait…allow me to give you a closer look!


No…I don’t think that’s quite close enough!


You’re looking at one fine pair of 100% leather Tory Burch Jaden Boots!  🙂

The original retail price for these beauties is $450.

But only suckers shop full retail!  😉  I found my pair at Revente’s Last Call.

Here’s the price tag:


$62.50 for a pair of gorgeous Tory Burch Boots?!?!  Could one be so lucky???


I’m luckier!  I happened upon a half off sale day at RLC, so my Tory Burch’s were only $31.25!  🙂

While most of my thrifty finds are much closer to $1 than $30, I just couldn’t resist this splurge!  🙂

And look!  I’m not the only one who loves ’em!

Does this mean Hillary Swank and I can be bffs?
Does this mean Hillary Swank and I can be bffs?


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