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First Ever Wannabe Wednesday!!!

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Mauve Maven Dress

Yay!  It’s my first EVER Wannabe Wednesday!  Have you ever seen a fab frock in a store and wondered if you could refashion a lookalike version for way less $$$?  My goal is to do this every week, and show you how you can do it too!  🙂

Today’s piece is inspired by the Intimately Striped Low Back Top by Free People.

That'll be $48.
That’ll be $48.

I love most of the stuff Free People has on their site, and I love this top!  I would love it even more if it didn’t cost $48 (and if I were an assless, boobless, gorgeous vixen with long silken hair like Slim here).

Seriously…$48.  For a long-sleeve Tshirt????  Uh…no.  Mama didn’t raise no fool!  😉

I found this top at the $1 a pound Goodwill on their 50% day (That’s 50 cents a pound, folks!), and just knew it had potential!  🙂

Hi.  Do you like my pajama jeans?
Hi. Do you like my pajama jeans?

The first thing I had to do was reshape my top to make it super-fitted.

Taking it in!
Taking it in!

I cut off the excess material, and put it aside.  It’ll come into play in just a bit!

I trimmed off the original neckband…


…then I cut a big chunk out of the back!


This left raw edges all along the back and neck that would get stretched out if I didn’t take care of them.  I took my leftover scraps and cut them into strips.

Wonder where I'm going with this?
Wonder where I’m going with this?

I used my strips as a sort of bias tape, except I only folded them over once, instead of twice towards the center.  I pressed the center fold, then pinned them all along the raw edges of my top!


I stitched it all down using a zigzag stitch as this top was suuuper stretchy.


I tried it on and wasn’t totally happy.  I made the open back too wide, and it kept wanting to fall off my shoulders.  :/ No worries!  I just took it in a bit more from the bottom of the back, and all was well!

Pin & Stitch to get it nice and tweaked!
Pin & Stitch to get it nice and tweaked!

Here’s my new copycat top that probably cost me 25 cents!

Imposter!  :)
Imposter! 🙂
The back!  :)
The back! 🙂

You can see I’ve layered a grey tube top under this shirt as there is no flippin’ way I’m going braless while the weather is so nippley!  😉

I wore my new copycat to Cellar on Greene where I met up with a couple of fab gal pals!  🙂

Hey, Amy!  :)
Hey, Amy! 🙂
Hery, Erin!
Hery, Erin!
Bubbles are 50% on Tuesdays!  :)
Bubbles are 50% on Tuesdays! 🙂

Original Item Cost:  $48

Copycat Cost:  25¢

Savings:  $47.75!

Cheers!  🙂


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