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Thrift Score Thursday!

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Welcome to Thrift Score Thursday!  Today’s find comes from a Goodwill in Mooresville, NC!

Oh Yeah!
Oh Yeah!

You’re looking at a quite gorgeous and totally flawless fur jacket.  I think it’s mink.  I don’t know any furriers, but I do know a hunter who has assured me it is indeed mink.  🙂

And I scored it for $20!!!

Glam, no?
Glam, no?

PLEASE don’t think that I think killing animals purely for their pelts is okay.  I don’t.  But, I love the furs I own that were either left to me by relatives or that I’ve scored at thrift shops and antique malls.  I appreciate their craftsmanship, style, and warmth!  I feel like a curator, taking on the responsibility of caring for these properly.  🙂

And I loooove how fabulous I feel in a good fur!

Perusing January's VOGUE while looking quite en vouge!  :)
Perusing January’s VOGUE while looking quite en vouge myself! 🙂

There was quite a stir when I hopped into the Piggly Wiggly to grab a bottle of vino for an all-girls movie night with pals!  🙂

Why yes...we most certainly are in the south, my friends!
Why yes…we most certainly are in the south, my friends!

Before you go out and score your own pretty pelt, make sure you check out this handy guide on telling the real from the fake.   🙂


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