Hey...Where the heck is Wannabe Wednesday?!?! 1
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Hey…Where the heck is Wannabe Wednesday?!?!

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My more observant readers will notice that Wannabe Wednesday completely failed to happen yesterday.  :/

But wait…I can explain!

Actually, I think I’ll let a picture do the explaining for me.  🙂

Meet Douglas!
Meet Douglas!

You see, I’m a new mom!  🙂

I sadly didn’t have the time for a blog post yesterday, as I was busy getting this little guy acclimated to his new abode!

Hello, Handsome! :)
Hello, Handsome! 🙂

He’s a mini dachshund, and I absolutely adore him!

Don’t fret!  I promise to make up for this missed refashion day!  🙂

But I hope you’ll be placated with this adorable pic of me and my sweet little Douglas in the meantime:

LOOK at the PUPPY! :D
LOOK at the PUPPY! 😀

Are you thinking puppy refashions?  Cuz I sure am!  🙂


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