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Ooh La La Hoodie Dress

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I hope you’re in the mood for a super-quick refashion!  I had every intention of having tons of time to turn  Obi Wan-esque hoodie into something fab before some of my nearest and dearest pals come over for a French-themed potluck.

"Help me Jillian. You're my only hope!" :)
“Help me Jillian. You’re my only hope!” 🙂

Unfortunately, I decided to make my dish from this lil book right here:

Jillian & Julia! :)
Jillian & Julia! 🙂

I made a Lamb Stew with Spring Vegetables…mainly because it’s one of the least expensive recipes in this tome.  It took forever.  3 hours of constant work followed by one merciful hour of letting it simmer.

Don’t get me wrong, it was delish!

Nom! Lamb!
Nom! Lamb!

But I had only a few minutes to complete my refash!

I grabbed a pair of scissors and cut a small slit on each side through the front and back of the hoodie, right near my waist.


I tossed the hoodie on over a little black dress, and threaded a skinny belt through the holes.

Not too shabby for only taking a few seconds!
Not too shabby for only taking a few seconds!

A wonderful time was had by all…

Happy awkward faces.
Happy awkward faces.
Yes...my dining room is also my sewing room! :)
Yes…my dining room is also my sewing room! 🙂

My friend Phillip had a bit of fun making videos for Vine like this one, and Douglas made his debut into society.  🙂

Doug E. Doug!
Doug E. Doug!


:) :)
🙂 🙂


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