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Q&A Monday: What NOT to Thrift

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Ooh La La Hoodie Dress

Don’t let the title fool ya!  This week’s Q&A Monday has nothing to do with these guys:

Snarky McSnarkersons
Snarky McSnarkersons

If you were hoping some mean skunk-haired lady and her fay cohort were going to show up and berate you for your fashion choices, I’m sorry (and I think you might have something wrong with you).

Nonono.  This week’s question is:

Q: “What don’t you buy when you go thrifting for future refashions?”

A:  There’s very little that I won’t consider as a future refashion.

But here are a few common clothing maladies that I won’t mess with:


Stains make me all sorts of squeamish and grossed out, especially if they’re of the food or biological variety.

Eeeewww...Someone was a sweaty Betty! :/
Eeeewww…Someone was a sweaty Betty! :/

There are plenty of tricks one can try to remove a pesky stain, but they don’t always work. Unless I’m just absolutely in love with a piece of clothing or I know I’ll be removing the stained part in the refashion, I treat those stains with extreme disdain.


You know what I’m talking about.  Don’t you just hate when your sweaters get those nasty balls of lint all over them?

Take a chill pill
Take a chill pill

So do I.  If the item is really nice other than the pilling, I’ll just take an old razor and shave the pills off (electric clothes shavers are a waste of your time and money, friends).  But usually when I see pilling, it means the garment is of poor fabric quality, overwashed, or both.  Best to stay away from these unless you want to spend hours with your razor and a lint roller every time you want to wash the thing.

Weirdo Smell

Whoa!  What’s that smell????

Kitteh understanz.
Kitteh understanz.

It’s normal for thrift store duds to smell a little weird.  But if your chosen future refash reeks of White Diamonds, gasoline, or some other overpowering stench, you might want to take a pass on it.  Some strong odors are just impossible to get rid of, no matter the number of washings.

Worn Out

This one makes me sad.

Sometimes I stumble upon something that could have been absolutely PERFECT…except it’s just completely worn out.

Even I can't fix this.
Even I can’t fix this.

Unless there’s a part of the fabric you know you can harvest to make a trim, a pocket, or some such, it’s best to move on.  I’ve turned down really well-made designer pieces that were lovely at some point in time, but were just too worn out to save.

It’s okay.  It fulfilled its destiny.

What are your thrifting dealbreakers?

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