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Wannabe Wednesday: In The Red

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When a family member gave me this sweater, I was tempted to leave it as-is.  I mean, it was so soft and comfy cozy!

I actually don't think it looks bad. :)
I actually don’t think it looks bad. 🙂

But when I saw this dress by BCBG Max Azria, my plans changed!

Original Retail Price: $378
Original Retail Price: $378

I can’t wait for spring refashions, but with temps still dipping into the 30s at night, I’m afraid they’re just not practical yet.  :/  A sweater dress it would be!

My biggest challenge with this sweater was that it wasn’t long enough to make into a dress without adding fabric to the bottom.  I decided to take a chance that after I took in the sides I’d have enough leftover fabric to harvest for the bottom of the dress.

With my fingers crossed (which made the whole process much more difficult), I got to pinning!

Taking in as much as possible!
Taking in as much as possible!

I did this for each side, then I chopped off a bit of the sleeves to get the 3/4 look of my inspiration piece.

Bye sleeve!
Bye sleeve!

I ran each side through my machine.  Once with a straight stitch, then with a zigzag to try to prevent unraveling/fraying.


When I was done, I started the finicky business of trimming my scraps to save as much of the fabric as possible while still having enough to make my dress a decent length.

Saving all I can!
Saving all I can!

You can see the original serged side seam in the above pic.  My plan is to use that to sort of mimic the layered look of Max’s dress (It’s a reach…I know!).  I pinned the trimmed scraps to the bottom of my dress…stretching them slightly so they’d make it all the way across each side.

See where I'm going with this?
See where I’m going with this?

Next, I sewed them to the bottom of the original sweater using a zigzag stitch riiiiight on the very edge (once again…to keep it from unraveling).


After I stitched the panel to each side, I sewed the sides together.  All that was left to do was give the raw edges a little tug so they’d do this:

Curl! :)
Curl! 🙂

I have several sweaters with edges like this that somehow manage to not fray, so I’m not too worried about using the same look myself.  🙂

Well…what do you think?

So warm and cozy!
So warm and cozy!

I had a red sash that matched my dress already, so I didn’t end up having to harvest the material from the sleeves (which would have totally worked).  I’m really happy with this refashion because there’s so little waste involved!

Yep. It looks like a squid is eating my head!
Yep. It looks like a squid is eating my head!

I wore my sweet frock to The Kraken where I enjoyed sampling their enormous selection of tasty brews!

Julian Cider for Jillian! :)
Julian Cider for Jillian! 🙂
Photo evidence of my rudeness. :/
Photo evidence of my rudeness. :/

I spent my evening hanging out with these guys:

Hey fellas! :)
Hey fellas! 🙂

and this guy:

It's Joe Turkaly, my fave Columbia SC Chef! :)
It’s Joe Turkaly, my fave Columbia SC Chef! 🙂

I really enjoy doing these wannabes!  I hope you guys are getting inspired to make your own copycats too!  🙂

Original Cost:  $378

Copycat Cost:  Free!

Savings:  $378!


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