Thrift Score Thursday: Parisian or Little Old Lady? 1
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Thrift Score Thursday: Parisian or Little Old Lady?

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What do we think about today’s thrifted ensemble?

Ooh La La or Ew Nah Nah?
Ooh La La or Ew Nah Nah?

Ignore the fact that I’m standing weird.  Ignore the fact that this pic has been taken at a bizarre angle.  Ignore the fact that it was taken with the crappier of my two cameras (the one that would fit in my tiny clutch).

Do I look hip and trendy, or like a little old bag lady?  Bold black and white patterns are really big for 2013, and that’s what I’m going for here. it actually happening?
But…is it actually happening?

My top cost me $1 and the sweater skirt was only 50 cents!  🙂  I paired the two with some houndstooth tights, my Doc Martins and this lovely owlie!

Hoo! Hoo!
Hoo! Hoo!

…maybe if I add another accessory…

What about now?
What about now?
Does it help? At all?
Does it help? At all?

For $1.50, I guess I really shouldn’t worry.  I got loads of compliments at work and continued rocking my cheapo ensemble to the theatre that night to see Boeing Boeing with my pal Amy, where any worries about looking octogenarian were quickly pushed out of my mind!  🙂

Happy Theatre Goers! :)
Happy Theatre Goers! 🙂




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