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Melissa’s Tantalizingly Teal Reader ReFash!

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Yay!  It’s time for another Reader ReFash!  🙂

This one comes from Melissa in Canada!

Totally Teal! :)
Totally Teal! 🙂

Here’s what she has to say about it:

This a no machine sew project since the waist of the skirt is garterized.  
I detached the ruffled fabric of the blouse and tried hand stitching it on the top of the waistline. Then I put up the waist as a tube top dress and accessorized it with a black belt. I also tried putting on a vest just to change the outlook. 
I posted this picture on my Facebook account, I don’t have a blog but I always try to make post on my Facebook on mostly DIY’s. 
I received a number of likes on this post and I am so happy with it!
I hope you like it too. The little one on the picture is my daughter Sofia. 
Thank you again Jillian for inspiring people like me. 

I love this dress and it looks so awesome on her (the kiddo makes a cute accessory too!)!  I also love that she’s posting all the cool stuff she’s making on Facebook!  🙂   I know that everyone doesn’t have the time or inclination to start a blog, but you should still share your  creations with the world.  Inspire your friends to have some creative & thrifty fun too!

Thanks so much Melissa!  You’ve knocked this refash right out of the park!

If you have a refashion you’d like to submit to be shown here on ReFashionista, just shoot me an email with your pics at [email protected]!


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