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Thrift Score Thursday

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This week’s thrift score came in the form of a gorgeous leather coat with a missing button!

Bummer. :/
Bummer. :/

It was only $10, so I scooped it up anywho!

When I got it home, I dug through my tins of buttons, looking for 4 that were the right size…

Something's gotta work...right???
Something’s gotta work…right???

Sadly, I didn’t have any more than 3 matching buttons that were the right size.  :/

No worries!  I just removed one of the original buttons, and filled in the gaps with these guys:

Aren't they awesome?
Aren’t they awesome?
I think they'll do nicely! :)
I think they’ll do nicely! 🙂

Check it out now!  🙂

Can you tell I'm pleased? :)
Can you tell I’m pleased? 🙂
I'm seriously digging on this coat! :)
I’m seriously digging on this coat! 🙂


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