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Thrift Score Thursday

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This week’s thrift score came in the form of a gorgeous leather coat with a missing button!

Bummer.  :/
Bummer. :/

It was only $10, so I scooped it up anywho!

When I got it home, I dug through my tins of buttons, looking for 4 that were the right size…

Something's gotta work...right???
Something’s gotta work…right???

Sadly, I didn’t have any more than 3 matching buttons that were the right size.  :/

No worries!  I just removed one of the original buttons, and filled in the gaps with these guys:

Aren't they awesome?
Aren’t they awesome?
I think they'll do nicely!  :)
I think they’ll do nicely! 🙂

Check it out now!  🙂

Can you tell I'm pleased?  :)
Can you tell I’m pleased? 🙂
I'm seriously digging on this coat!  :)
I’m seriously digging on this coat! 🙂



  • Jenny

    That’s such a fabulous coat! I loooove long dramatic coats, and I haven’t ever thrifted one that I would wear (many to harvest and reuse the leather, though!). However, on my last trip to the Pound Store I snagged some motorcycle leathers that perfectly fit my dad. No tags, but they still had the horizontal fold at the knees from being in a box. They cost at least $150 new, best as we could tell. Thrifting is awesome.

  • Tina Steele

    Holy heck! I just recently scored what looks to be the exact same leather trench at a local thrift store! I actually sent you an email asking for advice because I want to have it shortened into more of a “car coat” length, and I’m not sure where to take it. How crazy to see you wearing the same coat!

  • Tiffany Dodson Greer

    I just found your blog today, I love everything so far. It’s nice to find a kindered spirit on the “fast fashion” front. I love your site! Keep it up! I am however insanely jealous of your leather jacket here! It’s a gorgeous color!

  • Susan

    This is so cool! And what a find! What did you do to the inside of the jacket – did you clean it or freshen it up at all? If so how? I’ve seen jackets I loved at thrift stores but was leery b/c how do you clean the inside of a leather jacket??! Any advice is welcome!

    • ReFashionista

      Honestly…I just smelled it, and it seemed okay. I ran a damp cloth over the outside. If you took it to a furrier or a leather specialty store, I’ll bet they’d know what to do! 🙂

      • Dawn

        The one I bought didn’t smell bad either. It smelled a bit–stale I think would be the word. Like a house that has been shut up for a long time. I used my steamer and steamed the lining. Spritzed with a little vinegar/water and let it dry. Fresh as brand new. I just wiped the outside with a damp cloth too.

  • furpurr

    Wow ten bucks for that FABULOUS long leather coat!! AWESOME find, Jillian!!!! I think the alternating buttons work for now, as they appear to be at least the same size. The colour, btw, for the ones who wondered, looks to be “Cordovan”, which is, indeed, a reddish-brown, & so lovely!!

  • Mary Torkelson

    That is an amazing find! You are so inspiring and I always get a thrill when I see ReFashionista in my Inbox.

  • Nikell

    A friend from Polyvore shared your blog with me. I love your projects. I sew as well. Refashioning and recreating designer pieces are my favorite types of projects. I’m following via blog lovin so I;ll be visiting more often. (^_^)

  • Dawn

    So gorgeous! I scored a coat very similar to this one a few years back. It was missing a button on one of the little sleeve/cuff wraps. Not sure of the technical term for that one. But upon further examination—an extra button was still sewn into the seam of the lining! The coat was in the “Long Coat” section of that particular Goodwill store and as such was supposed to be $10. I showed the missing button part to the cashier and she rang it up for $7. Seven dollars!!! Later I scored a leather blazer for $3. Just love the thrifting!!!

  • miriam fulks

    I just got one so simar from Goodwill near me! Same reddish brown, long, belted. Mine was $20, Wilsons brand, n fits me better than anything has ever! Had all the buttons, nothing wrong at all with it. Even has cool shoulders as there is this fin flap thing running down. So in love with it!

  • Robin

    Is it red or brown? Its kind of hard to tell from one pic to the next. Either way, I think it is a gorgeous find and a great way to fix a missing button. Thanks for the continued inspiration!

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