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Q&A Monday: 5 Tips for Newbie Bloggers

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Q: I like your blog, and it seems to have a good following.  I just started a blog of my own.  How can I make it a success?

When people ask how to have a successful blog, it’s hard to know what to tell them. I’ve been blogging at for a looooong time and it has only VERY recently gained traction. Here’s a few things that I think I’ve done right.

1. I’ve got a gimmick. My blog is  very focused on a very specific thing. (refashioning and eco fashion).

2. I try to have a clear writing voice and I don’t try to dumb myself down or write like another successful blogger. In the beginning I tried to be way too “cutesy” and it didn’t work, because it wasn’t me. Just trust that you’re as clever as you think you are. I hate reading blogs where the person’s humor is really try-hard.

3. I edit. Poor spelling and grammar can really turn your readers off (unless it’s intentional and/or funny). Their There They’re and all that jazz.

4. I TRY to use good photos. This is a toughie and a major learning curve for me (and something I’m still working on). Get a good camera. Don’t be like me and use the same craptastic one for ages and ages. Edit your pics. There’s an awesome free photo editing site called Picmonkey, and that’s what I use.

5. I have fun! I genuinely LOVE what I’m writing about.   🙂

I hope these tips are helpful for you newbie bloggers out there.

Happy Blogging!


  • Kathleen McDermott

    Jillian, I adore fashion and refashioning and wine. Your blog is a delight.

    I’ve owned 2 sewing machines since I was 12. Now 63 and just purchased a dress form because of you!

  • reg

    “Poor spelling and grammar can really turn your readers off”…how about getting shitfaced in every post, that doesnt turn readers off?????

    • JENN

      Ha. Shitfaced… I love that she shows her social life and that makes her a real person to me… I enjoy having adult beverages & eating good foods too. 🙂 If SOMEONE doesn’t like how she lives HER life… then THEY should STFU and not read the blog….

  • bonnie harris

    I really love your blog. I have always loved bargain hunting, but only recently started shopping at thrift and consignment shops. My youngest daughter, who is successful, brillant and thrifty turned me on to thrifting. I am glad I found your blog, your are smart and genuine!!! You are for real!!!

  • Tori Perkov

    Hey, I just found your blog a little while ago through Pinterest. Its awesome! I just lost like 20 lbs, but I don’t want to buy any new clothes until I’m done losing weight. Your blog has me so excited. I can refashion some of my too big clothes into new clothes I will love. My biggest problem is looking at a shirt or dress I can’t see what it could become. Any tips on seeing the possibilities?

    • ReFashionista

      That’s awesome! Yep, you can keep all your favorite clothes! 🙂 As for how to see what they can become…just start playing! I don’t always know where I’m going with a piece at first, so I just start changing stuff/gleefully snipping away! 🙂 Good luck!!!!

  • Nellie

    This is a great post! Asa a fellow refashionista, I agree, if you love what you do you will find your voice. My blog was mostly about my shop even though I refashioned in the background. But I never kept up with it; once I started writing about my projects, it really motivated me. Love your blog!

  • 2Momma2

    Thanks for this! I actually found your blog through Pinterest a while back and spent a few nights sucked into and catching up on the 3 years of blogs! You’ve inspired me to give it a shot and this definitely helps. Keep up the great refashions – I love them!

  • Susan

    Thank you for your blog & your suggestions. Thanks to inspiration from you, I picked up 3 shirts & a dress at Value Village this morning to see if I can come up with some amazing new pieces for my wardrobe!

  • bodhismum

    This is just what I needed to hear, thank you!
    My blog is still new, and I get impatient and disheartened easily, if I start something and it doesn’t take off right away. I need to chill, and just keep swimming x

  • Meagan

    THANK you for mentioning spelling and grammar! I read a lot of blogs and most of them, including some very popular and successful ones, have spelling and grammar mistakes and it makes me want to become a blog editor (Is there such a thing?) because it drives me crazy!

    By the way, I’m a long time reader and you have inspired me to look at clothes differently and attempt refashioning. I’ll admit, it hasn’t happened yet, but I have bought the shirt- I just need to find time to play with it! 🙂

  • vjstracener

    Thanks for the tips. I have been blogging for years, but I just started using WordPress and I really like the format. Following blogs using this format is so much easier.

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