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Then the Unthinkable Happened

Katy Perr-ody
Q&A Monday: Good Form!

Look at the puppy!

Hi!  I'm Douglas, but you can call me Dougie!
Hi! I’m Douglas, but you can call me Dougie!

Now, look at this.

What the what!?!
What the what!?!

Now look at the puppy again.


You just can’t quite see him in the same way you did before, now can you?

Earlier this week I came home from work to see Douglas happily laying in his bed…blissfully gnawing on a power cord plug.

“Let it be the toaster!”, I said.

“Let it be the television!”, I also said

“Let it be the George Foreman Grill!” I reluctantly added (Those grilled cheese sandwiches don’t just make themselves, you know).

It was not any of those three things.  Douglas destroyed the foot pedal/power cord for my sewing machine.  🙁 Don’t worry!  It was unplugged!  But I had forgotten to sit it on top of my sewing table and just left it dangling tantalizingly on the floor.

As it was chewed up in about five places (Douglas was a busy boy that day!), I had to find a replacement.  I finally found one on ebay (my machine’s cord is a funky size).

It arrives today.  🙂

I just wanted to let you guys know what’s up and why I’ve been so quiet on here this week.    If you follow me on facebook *cough* hint *cough* or twitter *cough* hintyhint *cough*, you get to be in the know of when I might not be posting for a bit/interesting stuff that happens in my life/photos like this:

A Cat using a sewing machine!?!
A Cat using a sewing machine!?!

I plan on locking myself into my sewing room all weekend, so expect a flurry of fashions oh so soon!  🙂

Oh, and in case you were wondering, Douglas and I are finally on speaking terms again.  😉


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