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Then the Unthinkable Happened

Katy Perr-ody
Q&A Monday: Good Form!

Look at the puppy!

Hi!  I'm Douglas, but you can call me Dougie!
Hi! I’m Douglas, but you can call me Dougie!

Now, look at this.

What the what!?!
What the what!?!

Now look at the puppy again.


You just can’t quite see him in the same way you did before, now can you?

Earlier this week I came home from work to see Douglas happily laying in his bed…blissfully gnawing on a power cord plug.

“Let it be the toaster!”, I said.

“Let it be the television!”, I also said

“Let it be the George Foreman Grill!” I reluctantly added (Those grilled cheese sandwiches don’t just make themselves, you know).

It was not any of those three things.  Douglas destroyed the foot pedal/power cord for my sewing machine.  🙁 Don’t worry!  It was unplugged!  But I had forgotten to sit it on top of my sewing table and just left it dangling tantalizingly on the floor.

As it was chewed up in about five places (Douglas was a busy boy that day!), I had to find a replacement.  I finally found one on ebay (my machine’s cord is a funky size).

It arrives today.  🙂

I just wanted to let you guys know what’s up and why I’ve been so quiet on here this week.    If you follow me on facebook *cough* hint *cough* or twitter *cough* hintyhint *cough*, you get to be in the know of when I might not be posting for a bit/interesting stuff that happens in my life/photos like this:

A Cat using a sewing machine!?!
A Cat using a sewing machine!?!

I plan on locking myself into my sewing room all weekend, so expect a flurry of fashions oh so soon!  🙂

Oh, and in case you were wondering, Douglas and I are finally on speaking terms again.  😉



  • Celestine Forrest

    I just saw your blog in the Post & courier.What a clever idea. I have a dress(long) I’D
    like to turn into a skirt. the dress is from Egypt. The fabrick is beautiful. I don’t
    sew. afraid I would mess it up.

  • Gwen

    I just found your blog and I LOVE your ideas! You’re so creative! What I love most is your personality. LOVE your humor!! I’m hooked. (p.s. I do believe you have the most fun friends – you all look like you’re havin’ a blast. 🙂

  • Danielle

    Oh no! I completely empathize! I have…rabbits. Dogs and cats may be more catastrophic in the long run, but rabbits are FAST. Within seconds of spying an iphone cord, a dangling lamp cord, your irreplaceable stereo cords…ugh…they are on it, with the most careless expressions on their faces! Munching away…like big, fat, termites.

  • Kris Bradseth Christiansen

    Catching up on your blog today and I meet Dougie! I’ve got a mini doxie, too, but she also preferred computer power supplies. Fortunately, it was a very short phase. She soon got too lazy to chew on anything but the chew lamb kibbles!

  • Sarah

    OH my this made me laugh out loud — Even though it shouldn’t have — I had a Bichon Frise who pulled an entire wall worth of wallpaper down in the course of two hours (A lot less time then it took to put it up….) How did a tiny dog manage to do this? By leaping up, over and over again, licking the paper until it softened and came away from the wall, and then pulling it down, one strip at a time…… and when we scolded him afterwards, he got his revenge by pooping INSIDE one of our shoes!!

    And yet, I can’t help but love those big brown eyes…. oh Dogs!

  • Flo

    OMG! After I initally gasped at the photo, I have to admit I did burst out in complete laughter, having been through this kind of thing myself. I hope your new piece comes quickly and you are back up and sewing in no time. I flash back to a brand new pair of duck boots that a golden retriever puppy we had got within days of purchasing them, a Christmas basket/arrangement, and countless other things. Puppyhood is not easy!

  • Carrie

    For future reference and for your readers. A small appliance repair shop or handy person could repair this quickly and cheaply. Everything you need (and probably someone willing to do the work) is at your local hardware store. If the plug in to the machine is an odd brand or model specific plug it is easy to splice a new cord onto it. A foot pedal is just an electric switch.

  • Jennifer

    Ahh the furry children! They do stuff like this to make us mad, and then we take a look at their little faces, and we just melt and forgive them! 😀

    I’m glad that you were able to find a replacement for your sewing machine so you can continue with your tutorials, and I’m equally glad that little Dougie didn’t hurt himself.

  • Tara

    A friend of mine suggested I take a look at your blog and I’m hooked! I’ve recently found I have a knack for finding fantastic deals at Goodwill/Rummage sales. I have never sewn a day in my life, so have really enjoyed your no-sew refashions, would love to request a 7 day challenge for no-sew for those of us who love a deal but cannot sew!:) big fan here of both you and Dougie:)

  • Myrna Fanney

    My exact thoughts as Jenny_o! You definately missed your calling in the comedy world!!! I chuckled out loud reading about Dougie! I look forward to your next project! Love ya!

  • jenny_o

    Oh my goodness, I think you’ve missed your calling as a comedy writer – this is hilarious! I know it’s also frustrating and sad and even scary (electricity-wise), but he is still a baby and I’m glad you are on speaking terms again 🙂 Condolences to you, dear ReFashionista … looking forward to your next project. Dougie’s sweater is meltingly sweet, by the way.

  • Tiffany S.

    I had a dachshund that did that once, except the cord was plugged in! He got an abscess in his cheek and had to have 2/3 of his tongue removed because it got all gross and dead. I’m sorry your beautiful, sweet little baby chewed the cord, but really – how long can you be mad at that handsome face?

  • judith

    Pets are like kids when they become jealous of your other interest, they go into destroy mode. When our cat was a kitten she’d chew MY stuff, never the hubby’s. She would chew my knitting yarn about 4 to 5 feet away from my project, so I couldn’t tell that the yarn was in pieces until I was well into high speed knitting. Then I’d have to splice the yarn and start knitting again only to find she’d chewed it in two another 8 or 9 feet down! She was jealous of the time I spent knitting. She even chewed the straps off a brand new Victoria’s Secret nighty! I have NO idea what that meant. She would try to chew my arms, hands and fingers if I stayed on the computer too long. I had a friend who’s dog would chew her shoes, only the shoes she’d wear when she was going out, dancing or on a date, never her work shoes.

  • Tundrabuni

    ohh bad puppy. Do you have any Bitter Apple spray? That should stop Dougie from chewing on anything else. Glad you were able to find a new cord. The sew must go on!

  • Robynn

    You can get a replacement plug at Home Depot and put it on the cord. no need to buy a whole new one that way, and cheaper too!

  • dogloverlaura

    I know all too well what puppies can destroy. I had one that chewed all the wiring on my son’s vw bug. Boy was he (son) upset. Just saying…I know your pain. But Dougie is sooo cute and loveable. Don’t be too mad. Leave him plenty of chew toys and time to play with him. He just misses his mommie! Good luck!

  • cathynd95

    My pups did that to my computer cord. Once they tried to chew when it WAS plugged in. NOW they AVOID power cords like the plague! Glad you were able to get a replacement!

  • Kathy

    My dachshund, Oscar (the award, not the wiener), is 13 years old and is still not house broken unless the mood hits him. He thinks his middle name is “Dammit”. He is not allowed in my sewing room …. he likes to mark things.

  • Nikell

    Oh man!! Good thing it wasn’t plugged in. I don’t feel so bad now, the worse my little dog has ever done was chew up a brand new spool of white thread. At least you got a new one and you’ll be back in your “lab” (as I like to call my sewing area) soon (^_^)

  • Kayla

    Today on my blog I seriously was going to post pictures of my passport that my dog ate a few months ago. Good news is it was expired, bad news is she ate pages with foreign stamps.
    And I agree with Janet, that caption is perfect! I’m glad it wasn’t plugged in and Douglas is okay, though.
    (By the way I love your blog! I’m hoping to teach myself to sew, soon. I’m thinking your blog might be what inspires me to actually start.)

  • Ali Barrick

    Aw sweet Douglas – doing what dogs do best – destroying things! Sorry you had to find out the hard way why people write those shaming FB posts about their dogs, and now you have one in your own house. Such is life – you have learned a good lesson, and Douglas….well, there’s always something else to chew on mom!

  • aj

    have you ever considered crating him while you’re out? we crate our puppy (and the dog i had growing up, my parents started crating him after he destroyed a lot of stuff… including the brand new box string mattress and down comforter my parents had just bought) and it’s great. the dogs like it (as long as you don’t ever use the crate as a disciplinary thing) and it keeps your mind at peace while you’re out.

    • ReFashionista

      I crate him at night when I go to bed, but during the day while I’m at work I keep him in the kitchen/dining room/sewing area with a doggie door to my fenced in backyard. He doesn’t mind his crate at night, but during the day I want him to be able to run around. 🙂

  • vjstracener

    Haha! I have had several different appliance chords ruined by my furry friends. Luckily my husband can rewire most things. I dipped my hand into refashioning this week. You were my inspiration.

  • Janet Friel

    Hilarious! The caption on the second puppy photo says it all! If it’s any consolation, when my dog was a puppy she chewed up my memory stick and I lost 3 years of lesson plans and a record of all my art work (no, I hadn’t backed it up)! I still love her, but tears were wept!

  • Mary W.

    I’m pretty sure dachshunds are INFAMOUS for eating just about everything…their whole lives. You should probably just dog-proof your whole life. 😉

  • Christa

    OMGosh! My cat did the same thing! I have to put everything up in my sewing room, even the pins, or she chews everything up and moves it around. I feel for ya! Glad you found a replacement. Enjoy your week-end sewing!!

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