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Wannabe Wednesday: a Skirt to Harem Pants Refashion
Lemongrass Dress

I’ve gotten a bunch of comments asking me to step away from the dresses for a bit and make a top for a change!

I’m listening.  There.  Now don’t you feel special?  🙂

I started with this oversized $1 thrifted nightgown.


The fabric is super-comfy, and I like that bright springy greenish-blue hue!  Other than that, it’s not very practical outside of the bedroom though.  :/

Plus, there were holes at the armpits!

Did somebody just want to add some A/C????
Did somebody just want to add some A/C????

The challenge in making something out of sleepwear is that it’s realllly hard to remove everything from it that says, “Hey!  I’m pajamas, y’all!”.  I knew I’d have to do a total reshape on this one.

First, I chopped some of the nightgowny length off!


Then, I took in the sides by about 3″.

First I pinned...
First I pinned…
...then I stitched!
…then I stitched!

I cut off the excess material, making my top sleeveless as I went!

It's shaping up nicely!
It’s shaping up nicely!

I’m so close!  Those raw edges were fraying like crazy, so I hemmed them down.

Arm holes!
Arm holes!

I tried my top on, but still wasn’t happy with it.  I hated that button-up neckline.  🙁 of the buttons doesn't even match!  :/
Dude…one of the buttons doesn’t even match! :/

I thought about just making the neckline into a V, but c’mon!  That’s boring!  This top needs something special…like a funky zipper I salvaged from a damaged skirt!  🙂

I basted the zipper in place…

This'll keep it in place!
This’ll keep it in place!

Then with the help of my machine’s zipper foot (it’s super-easy to change your machine’s feet btw!), I carefully stitched it down!


I removed my basting stitches, and my top was done!

Here’s the front:

What in the world is up with my facial expression?  The mind reels...
What in the world is up with my facial expression? The mind reels…

…and here’s the sweet new back!


I grabbed Douglas and took him along with me to get some tasty fresh local produce at the Soda City Farmers Market!

Some of you have mentioned that you’re worried that you always see me with an alcoholic beverage in my hand (Hey…you try working in state government, mkay?).  So here’s something completely different!  😉

Just plain ol' wholesome coffee!  :)
Just plain ol’ wholesome coffee! 🙂

Douglas had a blast with his puppy pals…

Dachsund Overload!!!
It’s Igor, Dougie, and Max! 🙂

…while Dan and I experimented with accessories!

Number One?
Number One?
Or Number Two?
Or Number Two?

Cheers (in a totally non-alcoholic kind of way)!

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