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ReFashionista: Porch Edition

A Notable No-Sew Dress!
Jonny Mob Dress

Several of you have been asking what I do with my leftover scraps from my refashions.  If the fabric is really nice or interesting, I hold on to it to make it into a cute top.  If I get tired of the cute top, I might turn it into a cute bag!  Coasters, Pin Cushions, dresses, funky scarves, and tops that are really awkward-looking (What was I thinking???) are also options!

A few years ago, I bought these curtains that I thought looked great in the store, but not so great in my apartment (You can check ’em out in the “before” pics from Year 1).


When I finally took them down, I made a dress out of one of the panels that I really liked!


But I still had a bit of fabric left over from the panel.

What to do?

I’ve been spending my time away from my blog toiling away in my yard and flower beds.  Hard physical labor was the healthiest way I could think of to help me cope with the loss of my friend.  At the very least, it made me tired enough to sleep at night.

I decided my little porch needed some help as well.


Okay.  I can explain.  I live in a slightly dodgy neighborhood where I don’t completely trust the wandering teenagers (I’ve had a mistrust of youths ever since I was one) to not steal my stuff.  So I tested them by putting some inexpensive furnishings out on my porch.

Whaddya know?  They left it alone!  🙂

Time for an upgrade!

The first thing I wanted to update was those boring cushions!  Outdoor cushions cost about $20-$30 apiece (which is INSANE).  Forget that!  I can cover the ones I have for FREE!

I stitched up some simple covers.

Then I planted some herbs.

Then I bought a couple of fun accessories.

Check that boring porch out now!

Lookie! :)
Lookie! 🙂

It’s so bright and cheery!  I loves!  🙂

And here’s my flower bed!

The lilies and daisies aren't blooming yet, but ue your imagination!
The lilies and daisies aren’t blooming yet, but use your imagination!

I’ve also started a few veggies in containers that I really hope don’t die!

It's not pathetic. It's humble.
It’s not pathetic. It’s humble.
$5 says that candle is the only thing that will survive the Spring!
$5 says that candle is the only thing that will survive the Spring!

More actual clothing refashes are in the works.  Thanks for bearing with me.  I’ll be back in full swing oh so soon!  🙂


Whaddya think?
Whaddya think?
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