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Jilly in Philly Dress

ReFashed in Philly Dress
Gala Dress

The only good thing about awesome friends moving away is that you suddenly have an excuse to visit cool new places you’ve never been to before.  🙂 When my good friends Heather and Evan moved back to their hometown of Philadelphia, I was bummed.

But then I remembered that they’re only a lucky cheap flight away!  🙂

I just needed something comfy to wear for my flight!  When I found this dress for $1 at one of my favorite thrift stores, I thought it would do nicely!

Hmmmnnn...Just a perfectly normal dress, eh?
Hmmmnnn…Just a perfectly normal dress, eh?

But then I took a closer look…

Oh no!
Oh no!

The dye in the dots on this dress had some serious bleeding going on!


I decided to just go with it.  I liked the brown and purple of the dress, so I pulled out a couple of bottles of dye!

This couple, to be precise!
This couple, to be precise!

Now.  If I just try to dye my dress a solid color, those splotches will still show through.  I boiled a kettle of water, added my dress, and then poured in a bit of brown dye…

In ya go!
In ya go!

Then I added some purple!

Double the dye. Double the fun!
Double the dye. Double the fun!

I let my dress soak for an hour.

Just neglect it for an hour or so!
Just neglect it for an hour or so!

I threw the dress in my washing machine to rinse it, then dried it, then was ready to head up north!  🙂

My new dress is definitely funkier, but I challenge you to spot the original dye bleeding.  Seriously.  Just go ahead and try!  😉


I was super-comfy during my flight, but needed a bit of additional warmth when I arrived in Philly.  Luckily, I brought my fave 10-year-old denim jacket with me.  🙂

This is my "Glamour Shot" pose!
This is my “Glamour Shot” pose!

I had a blast catching up with my wonderful friends.

Meet Heather and Mudcat! :)
Meet Heather and Mudcat! 🙂
Such a beautiful day!
Such a beautiful day!


Just chillin' in the park! :)
Just chillin’ in the park! 🙂

Of course, drinks quickly followed!

Mead! It's all you need! :)
Mead! It’s all you need! 🙂
Tasty Veggie Noms! :)
Tasty Veggie Noms! 🙂
Walking amongst the cobblestones! :)
Walking amongst the cobblestones! 🙂

Stay tuned for more Philly adventures!



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