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Lena Dunham-Inspired Romper

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I have good news and bad news.  

The good news is, I’ve been doing a lot of work on the back end of this blog/preparing it for a redesign (yay!).  The bad news is, if you’ve been following my blog by email, you probably aren’t anymore as all of my email followers (5,000+) were lost in migration (boo!).  This means you’ll need to resubscribe (see the sidebar on your right).  🙁  I’m really sorry for this inconvenience, and I hope you’ll still follow me.  I don’t know how you’re going to actually get this message, since it’s no longer showing up in your inbox, but hey…A girl’s gotta try!

To ease my pain from losing so many of you (temporarily, I hope!), I did a refashion!  😀

I have been a tireless hater of the jumpsuit.  I have turned every single one I’ve encountered into a dress.  Without exception.  You don’t believe me?  Check it out for yourself.

But then I stumbled upon this $1 cutie:


I’ve always hated jumpers and rompers.  But then I saw Lena Dunham looking super cute and comfy in an episode of Girls.  

I'm part of the 2% of Americans who don't hate her. :)
I’m part of the 2% of Americans who don’t hate her. 🙂

I decided to keep the legs!  🙂  Buuuut…they’d need to be snipped a good bit to make it through a hot & muggy South Carolina day!


I used my pinking shears to cut off the legs, as I wouldn’t be able to fold the raw edge under twice like I usually do.  If I did, my sewing machine needle wouldn’t be able to make it through the parts that had super-thick piping.

If this was folded over twice, my needle would break!
If this was folded over twice, my needle wouldn’t make it through!

I ran each leg through my machine, and gave the whole thing a quick press.  Now I have a romper I absolutely LOVE romping around in!

Ready to romp!
Ready to romp!

This romper is really much too short to be worn to work, buuuuut…I kind of wore it anyway.  I work for an arts agency with low dress code standards, so this wasn’t a big deal.  🙂

Meet my lovely coworker, Laurel! :) Glad she got the "Wear Black and White" memo!
Meet my lovely coworker, Laurel! 🙂 Glad she got the “Wear Black and White” memo!

So, Lena…just let me know if you’d like me to hook you up with a few of these, okay?  I kind of dream of working in the costume department of your show.  🙂




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