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Danielle’s Reader ReFash!

Wannabe Wednesday: Fractured Floral Edition
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This week’s Reader ReFash comes from Danielle!

Welcome to my skirt!
Welcome to my skirt!

I found this skirt that used to belong to my mother, she passed away last summer, and I am just now able to go through her clothes.

This skirt brought back some memories, but is clearly not wearable.  I’m not one to hold on to things ” just because” but I really wanted to repurpose my mom’s skirt.

I love this.  What a beautiful and meaningful reason to refashion!

I started by cutting the waistband off, and it became dramatically wider.


 I cut it to be more narrow and created a new seam down the side.

More choppage!
More choppage!

I then cut armholes.  Since I don’t have a serger, I just zig-zigged the new raw edges, folded down the very top and made a casing across the top.

An armhole is born!  :)
An armhole is born! 🙂

I used the excess of the skirt to make a neck tie.  The bottom of the skirt was already hemmed, so I used that as the ends.

It's the end of the tie as D. knows it!
It’s the end of the tie as D. knows it!
And voila! Added a little clip-on flower and now mom’s skirt is my shirt! What a wonderful memorial.
Seriously gorgeous!  :)
Seriously gorgeous! 🙂

Well done, Danielle!  🙂  This is a terrific skirt-to-top refashion that I’m definitely going to have to try!

Methinks your mom would be proud.  🙂


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