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Danielle’s Reader ReFash!

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This week’s Reader ReFash comes from Danielle!

Welcome to my skirt!
Welcome to my skirt!

I found this skirt that used to belong to my mother, she passed away last summer, and I am just now able to go through her clothes.

This skirt brought back some memories, but is clearly not wearable.  I’m not one to hold on to things ” just because” but I really wanted to repurpose my mom’s skirt.

I love this.  What a beautiful and meaningful reason to refashion!

I started by cutting the waistband off, and it became dramatically wider.


 I cut it to be more narrow and created a new seam down the side.

More choppage!
More choppage!

I then cut armholes.  Since I don’t have a serger, I just zig-zigged the new raw edges, folded down the very top and made a casing across the top.

An armhole is born!  :)
An armhole is born! 🙂

I used the excess of the skirt to make a neck tie.  The bottom of the skirt was already hemmed, so I used that as the ends.

It's the end of the tie as D. knows it!
It’s the end of the tie as D. knows it!
And voila! Added a little clip-on flower and now mom’s skirt is my shirt! What a wonderful memorial.
Seriously gorgeous!  :)
Seriously gorgeous! 🙂

Well done, Danielle!  🙂  This is a terrific skirt-to-top refashion that I’m definitely going to have to try!

Methinks your mom would be proud.  🙂


Danielle's Reader ReFash! 2


  • ElleG

    What an amazing idea! I lost my mom 2.5 years ago. My dad has put me in charge of her closet and to this day I haven’t even been able to open the doors to it. However, your idea has given me pause, that maybe it is time and I am ready. I never considered refashioning some of her items to keep for myself. I was so afraid that I would have to “give everything away” and in a sense be losing her all over again.
    What a unique way to honor a parent. I think my mom (who sewed her own clothes and taught me to sew) would be really proud!
    Thank you!

  • Laura

    Beautiful top tied to wonderful memories. I lost my mother last Spring. While going through her stuff to give away I could not let go of what we fondly called her multi colored dream coat. It was a quilted multi patchwork Spring jacket. My first thought was to make a pillow for myself (which I still want to do), however I thought of something else that I could share with other ladies in the family. I cut both arms off and cut them into enough pieces so that I could make potpourri pouches. I placed roses and other flowers that I had dried from her funeral into the pouches. After they were sewn I place a jeweled pin on each one. The pins were ones in my mother’s collection. I also took off the pockets from the front, folded them and sewed them up the bottom and one side to make eyeglass cases. There were pockets on the inside as well and I sewed those together leaving the top open to create a makeup pouch for my purse. I carry both the eyeglass case and the makeup pouch with me everywhere I go. When I see them I can vision her and the twinkle in her eye wearing her multi colored dream coat.

  • Jo H.

    Danielle, this is such a good way to keep something special, but in a way you can enjoy wearing it. Thanks for sharing your idea. Now you’ve got me thinking about a couple of skirts of mine with a lot of fabric, and how I can adapt this to something with shoulder straps (must wear a structural undergarment on this older body :)) Great job.

  • Lauren

    Aww wow Danielle your mother would be dry proud of you using this skirt to top to honour her memory with. I did a memorial quilted table runner in honour of my grandmas which you can find by clicking on my name.
    Well done hunni you’ve done your mother proud!

    • Lauren

      Also jillian I forgot to mention that I have added an inspired by… Part to t blog and I have featured you in there and linked to your site. Hope this is okay cos if its not ill take it off xxx


      Have a look and tell me what you think!

      • Lauren

        I accidentally wrote the wrong blog name on my click name!! It’s the one above if it doesn’t show up as a link then copy and paste! It should work on this one!!

  • Kim Douglas

    This truly is a beautiful transformation. Perfect and looks great on Danielle. Goes to show that an article of clothing that looks outdated and “ugh” can become so completely awesome! Good Job!

  • Samantha

    My mother recently passed away and I refashioned a shirt of hers into a mini-skirt. I love it – it’s cute but most of all it was hers.

  • Jennifer

    I really like the outcome of this. I’ve been thinking about repurposing a long full skirt that I have (that I don’t and won’t wear) into a top just like this, but I wasn’t sure how I was going to do it. It looks really, really easy!

    Great work, Danielle, and what a way to have the spirit of your mama near you.


  • TaraLee

    I absolutely love this refashion. That shirt is so flattering to us gals with a bigger bustline. I’m going to copy it. I also love the print and her use of the flower, and I think it’s extra special as she will think of her mom fondly every time she wears it. It would have never even occured to me to refashion that kinda ugly skirt into such a cute top! Very creative!

  • Lizzie

    I love this! My grandma passed away recently and as I was helping bag up her clothes for Goodwill I held onto one piece: a beautiful silk paisley blouse in a cut that’s too old for me but is begging to be refashioned. I think the same style Danielle used would be perfect for it. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Ali

    This almost makes me cry – so sweet to do this! I only wish I had done that with something of my mom’s, as there were a few things that really made me think of her when I saw them go off to the charity shop. I have a few treasured pieces and maybe, just maybe I’ll do something as you have. Very well done and a great tribute to your mom!

  • Karin

    What weird timing for this post. My mom passed away on Friday, the only thing I want of hers is this funny imperfect quilt she had made out of me and my brothers clothes when we were little. I think I’ll do some crazy stitching on the weak spots to hold it together. I think when I can handle it that a quilt from her favorite clothes would be nice to make.

  • Cara

    That looks awesome! The print is so unique, not something you’d be able to find in a store today. I’m especially impressed in how you managed to make it look both flowy and fitted, I can never seem to find that balance in those types of shirts. And the fact that it was your mother’s skirt makes it all the more special. Good job!


  • Becky

    That is so cute. I too lost my mother last summer. I would love to repurpose some of my mothers clothes but my dad is not ready to let them go yet.

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