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A Totally Tubular Dress

A ReFashionista Transformed?
Spa Day Dress

Ah!  Whatever was I to wear for just another typical weeknight of music with friends?

Why this, of course:

Does this look familiar?
Does this look familiar?

It’s hot here, folks!  There’s no way I can wear this sweater dress as-is…even if I wanted to!

Let the choppage begin!

Chop without mercy!
Chop without mercy!

I look forward to working with that top part this fall, but for now, I’m going to concentrate on the bottom!

I put that bottom part on my dress form, like ya do, and measured how much I would need to take this dress in on one side.

Measure for Measure!
Measure for Measure!


PIn, then sew!
PIn, then sew!

Once my new dress was all taken in, I still needed to deal with that raw edge on the top!  And deal with it I did!


I left a small section unsewn so I could work some elastic through my new casing.  To do this, I used a safety pin!  All you have to do is thread it through!

Just a lil ol' pin!
Just a lil ol’ pin!

After a bit of accessorizing, I was all set!

Like the new 'do?  :)
Like the new ‘do? 🙂

My new dress really enjoyed some tasty noms by Joe Turkaly!

His Mac 'n Cheese is epic!  :)
His Mac ‘n Cheese is epic! 🙂

The music was pretty amazeballs too!

What Cheer? Brigade!
What Cheer? Brigade!
Yip Deceiver!
Yip Deceiver!
Which one wins?  Dan's shirt or my hair?
Which one wins? Dan’s shirt or my hair?
From my days with Andy Warhol's Factory!  ;)
From my days with Andy Warhol’s Factory! 😉




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