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A ReFashionista Transformed?

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Hello all!  I haven’t posted in awhile, now have I?  What’s up with that?  What’s going on? It’s almost like I was dragged into the woods for days on end without any way to communicate with the outside world!

And that’s exactly where I’ve been!


When Dan first suggested that I go to a local burn with him, I was squeamish.  I had never camped before, and the idea had absolutely no appeal to me.  I like showers, air conditioners, hair dryers, and my espresso machine.  Plus, I have a blog to write!  I can’t just step off the face of the earth to gallivant with a bunch of hippies in the woods!

The more Dan talked to me about Transformus, the more I felt I needed to go.  This section of their website sealed the deal:

Transformus is an outdoor camping experience like no other. There are no vendors. There are no overpriced meals being slung, nor will you find kegs selling watered-down beer. The artists are not trying to sell their CD’s or get their names out into the business world; in fact, they’re probably not even using their real names. You will find no business cards being exchanged, yet there is plenty of business going on. The rangers, technicians, and service providers are working tirelessly, yet they have smiles on their faces the whole time; even though they aren’t being paid a dime for their services.

What you will find instead is a wild world of self-expression: music, art, parades, games, amazing performances, gatherings, meals, shows and magic. Where creativity runs wild to produce experiences that are seen nowhere else in the default world. Where one can be mystified, shocked, astounded, exhausted, exhilarated, and yet feel completely safe. Where total strangers are best friends.

I’d been feeling burned out and tired.  I felt I had lost my mojo.  This blog didn’t excite me any more and I didn’t want to make any more clothes.  What used to be a labor of love had become a list of things to worry about.  Generate content.  Check analytics.  Marketing.  Try to get around to answering all those emails from really nice people who deserve a response, dammit.  Check analytics again.  Check analytics again.  Research how to build traffic.  Check analytics again.  And when you’re not sick of all that, sew…and hope other people like it.  Make it grow.  Make it grow faster.

I didn’t refashion anything for this trip, friends.  I packed up some fun thrifted threads and headed to the mountains…and in a few short days, I felt my old desires and motivations coming back.  Seeing the creativity, beauty, and surprises of so many others brought me back to my old self.

Here are a few pics.  There aren’t many.  But you can get the idea.  🙂

$1 thrifted Thai Fisherman Pants!
$1 thrifted Thai Fisherman Pants!
First day at camp! :)
First day at camp! 🙂


A human puppet!?!
A human puppet!?!
Brad and Dan enjoy the splendor of the Alien Pyramid!
Brad and Dan enjoy the splendor of the Alien Pyramid!
Bagels, anyone?
Bagels, anyone?
Ice Moon : A 75 pound sphere of ice
Ice Moon : A 75 pound sphere of ice


No really. Look at it.
No really. Look at it.
It's beaaaauuutiful!
It’s beaaaauuutiful!


$1 thrifted sequined top & Dan's pants which I sneakily took in to it me! ;)
$1 thrifted sequined top & Dan’s pants which I sneakily took in to fit me! 😉
Can you spot the flame-throwing tuba in this pic?
Can you spot the flame-throwing tuba in this pic?
Nom! Pork for whoever wants it!
Nom! Pork for whoever wants it!
Camping is exhausting!
Camping is exhausting!


Last day of camp! :(
Last day of camp! 🙁
Wait...what is this?
Wait…what is this?


I wonder what they're up to?
I wonder what they’re up to?
You can't have a burn without fire!
You can’t have a burn without fire!




Everything wonderful must come to an end.
Everything wonderful must come to an end.

Apparently all I needed was a dose of dancing, art, music, food, camaraderie, creativity, nature, beauty, and friendship to get out of my rut.  🙂  Oh…and please don’t be concerned when I’m totally unreachable for a few days this time next year.



  • Stefanie in St. Louis

    I’ve been sadly behind in following your blog and just saw this post…

    That orange shirt with the creep-tastic face on it? I have an interesting backstory on it – and I bet my husband is the one who sent the package to the wearer of said shirt. 🙂

  • Lizifer VonFunshine

    Holy crap, I thought that was you at the Big Thumpy Yellow party – but I totally thought “no, that can’t be right. And even if it is, how creepy would you be, coming out of nowhere like a stalker?” So I didn’t say hi.

    Welcome home!

    • ReFashionista

      Wow! Small world! 🙂 Yep! I was totally at the Big Thumpy Yellow Party with Dan and Brad! You should have said ‘ello and danced with a us a lil! 🙂

  • TNTrish

    Baby girl….sometimes you NEED to do that….leave the creativity pressures for a day or so and re-group…..only thing I would say is that quit messing with your hair color….(my daughter went thru that phase but out grew it) …but that was only after she ran off with the carnival after she quit high school…..and came back home and got her ged

    sometimes you jusst gotta let go and just be! quit being so demanding of yourself…..

    • TNTrish

      well…ya know that can work both ways…maybe you are weird and so are YOUR friends…..”weird” like “poverty”, and soooo many other things in this world and life ARE relative
      DISCLAIMER: I grew up and have lived all my life, and raised four children on the WRONG side of Memphis, Tn……:) And I have been refashioning clothes (and everything else) from thrift store and hand me downs for myself, my husband, and our four children for 2 decades….I wasn’t trying to make a fashion or eco statement…..it was just doing what needed to do to get by….and I am jazzed it is now “cool”, lol! (back then it was because we were broke raising 4 kids on ONE blue collar income, yep it was weird. cuz it wasn’t the “fashion” .but we were ALL happy!)

  • ali

    Wow – what an AWESOME thing to do – it looks fricking amazing! So glad you’ve found your mojo and are feeling inspired once again. I agree with some of the others, enjoy your life more, post less, and we’ll all still be fans! And…I HAVE missed you and wondered what you were up to. So glad it was something not good, but GREAT!

  • Meg

    Love it!!! Camping rocks 🙂 I’m glad you were able to get a new experience in! It looks like you do so many fun things, but breaking the total norm is always a good thing 🙂

  • Deviant Panda

    I’m so glad you got away and left this blog alone for a little while. It’s hard to be creative ALL THE TIME and do what you do. It sounded like camping was just the thing.

    Take more vacations if you can, haha!

  • Beth

    Where there kids? If there were kids, my fam needs to go next year. Getting out of all the light is so refreshing! I am not a camper either, but my hub and kids are converting me slowly!

  • Liz

    Brilliant! I like the idea of no hairdriers etc. maybe the blog needs a new direction. Maybe you could do something else. Either way put yourself first and see what happens. Enjoy!

  • Jackie Sorich

    Sure looks like great big fun , I mean FUN!!!!

    Enjoy your life, post less, we will always check and keep having fun. Your fan and pal in California.

  • Gina

    I am so glad when you write a completely heartfelt piece like this. You have a wonderful blog that I enjoy. I appreciate your hard work and hope you can find some young college student to do all the analytics while you follow your bliss.

  • Melwyk

    That is a fantastic way to reignite your passion! I wish I had summer camp like that 🙂 (and ps – I’m sure I saw some fire hooping in there – cool)

  • Desarae

    Bravo for you. I’m glad you took this chance to retank, have some down time, and get away from blogging for a while. We all love your blog, but we like it because you do it so well and have fun with it…I don’t mind waiting around for you to get posts up. Don’t let the stats overshadow why you are doing this in the first place! 🙂

  • danielle

    Sounds like fun. I refashioned 8 pieces from my wardrobe having been inspired by you – I don’t sew as well as you do, but I was so excited to get to my wardrobe and wear my “new” clothes this week. Thanks for inspiring us and I hope your inspiration is back so you can keep inspiring us. (selfish i know laugh)

  • Emily

    This post is crazy beautiful! I feel inspired from just reading it. We all need to do things like this every once and a while to connect with ourselves and with the world before we go crazy!

  • Deb Ovall

    Looks like a mini-Burning Man, without all the playa and dust and heat and dust and heat and playa! I like this version! Hope you see why getting out into the woods with just a tent and some matches and some bagels is good for you sometimes! You don’t have to toally ruff it and you can look cute doing it! 🙂 Love ya, hope you had a good time.

  • Robin

    I completely understand getting into a creative rut (I’m an art major). It’s a bummer to say the least. I’m so glad that you’ve had the chance to have a break and rejuvenate your mojo. Sometimes a kitkat just isn’t enough (hardy har har… I am a dork, I know). I’m looking forward to the birth of new ideas that this trip has spawned. As always, thank you for the continued inspiration that you provide. Best wishes!

  • Pati

    I’m so glad you had a getaway weekend!!! I’m having mine this next weekend! Can’t wait! Nothing like escaping reality for a few days to get your ‘groove’ back!

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