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From Muumuu to Wrap Dress

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I take back everything I’ve ever said about enjoying summer, or wanting winter to end, or being tired of wearing jackets.  Every year, I think I love summer, as long as it isn’t actually summer at the time.  Every year I’m wrong.  I’m not sure if it’s the bugs, the yard work in 90+ degree heat, the effect of humidity on my hair, being constantly red & sweaty, or the elevated electricity bill – but I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!!!

When I was invited to a goat roast (Why do people want to do things outside right now?!?), I reluctantly accepted.  I knew that no matter what I wore, I was going to swelter and marinate in my own sweat, so I went with the lightest and most comfy item on my refashion rack.

Welcome to my muumuu!
Welcome to my muumuu!

It’s hard to see in the photo, but this muumuu was bit faded.  I tossed it in a dye bath with a mixture of these guys…hoping for a darker, more muted color.

Should work, right?
Should work, right?

I couldn’t find a tag to tell me the fabric content of this piece, so I crossed my fingers and hoped it was 100% cotton (so the dye would really soak it!).

It's not looking too good.  :/
It’s not looking too good. :/

See how the dress doesn’t seem to be picking up much of the dye?  Yeah…that’s because it didn’t.  Sadness.  🙁

I have multiple plans for this frock, but for today, I went with a no-sew refashion!

I took the sleeves and twisted them towards the front of me, like so:


I tied the sleeves together near my left side and tucked them in.  Then I pulled the fabric around my waist and pinned it to make it more fitted.


I grabbed one of my favorite brooches that used to belong to my grandmother and used it to hide the pin/give my frock a bit of something special!

Isn't it wonderful?
Isn’t it wonderful?

And just like that, I was ready to roast with a goat!  🙂

Jamie apparently approves!
Jamie apparently approves!

I like the Caribbean look of my new dress, and it seems pretty fitting for the occasion!  🙂

We shouldn't be trusted with spears, you guys.  :/
It’s like ‘Lord of the Flies’, but with crazy grownups! 🙂


A most speartastic Supper Club!
A most speartastic Supper Club!
We take our goat verrrrry seriously.
We take our goat verrrrry seriously.

Like I said, I have other pro-sew plans for this frock as well.  I think I can get at least a couple of fun summer pieces out of it!  🙂





From Muumuu to Wrap Dress 2


  • Melissa

    Refashionista, you rock! Just finished my first decent refash with help from your tutorials and a friend who taught me how to sew!

  • Teresa Kroeker

    A little tip I learned about natural & synthetic fabrics: snip a small piece off and hold with tweezers. Light a match, and burn the edge. If it melts, you will know it is synthetic and probably will not take dye well. It will burn and turn to ash if it is a natural fiber.

  • Gina

    You always are the best dressed at your events……….and you start off with the most awful stuff. Super job!!!!!!!

  • Kim Douglas

    I love how it turned out…can hardly believe my eyes! The brooch is a perfect touch. Hoping you will let me know how the goat turned out….was it tough?…or did you even try it??!! I bought my grandson’s 4H goat last year, a Boer meat goat and it is so stringy and tough:( Putting the meat in a crock pot overnight is only way I can cook it!

  • Lauren

    It did pick up some due though and I really like the colour, goat roast though? Ive heard of pig roast but I didn’t even know you could eat goats!

    I love the way you can just wrap a big dress around you and pin it and it looks great. I really wish I could do that but I have the bad bad bingo wings lol


    Or click my name for my Facebook refashion page 🙂

  • cathynd95

    I feel your pain of the heat of summer…. last week my air conditioner went out! In houston we are expecting 100 degree temps with high humidity…. thank goodness the new unit arrived at the house this morning and should be up and running by noon!

    Love your no-sew dresses!

  • DC

    You guys are just ADORABLE!
    I loved the ‘muuu, with or without the dye treatment. Love your makeovers — when I need some creative inspiration, I check out your newest post 🙂 Wish I could give you a Great vintage brooch I don’t know what to do with…

    • ReFashionista


      Thanks! *blush* Nonononono! You NEED to come up with a fun way to wear your brooch! Not enough gals wear them these days! They need to make a comeback! 🙂

  • Zoe

    Your no-sew refashes are so genius because you still get to try out other ideas for the garment further down the line. Awesomeness xx

  • Jo H.

    Nicely done; what a wonderful brooch!

    Have you ever noticed whether the kind of fabric makes any difference to how you feel in the heat and humidity? (natural versus man-made) I’ve read that natural is more comfortable but to be truthful the biggest thing I find makes a difference is how high the neckline is and if there are sleeves or not …

    • ReFashionista


      Oh Gawd yes! Right now I’m driving a car with no air conditioning in the sweltering SC heat! Cotton and natural fabrics feel soooo much better! I know a lot of peeps are tired of me doing all these strapless refashes, but geez…it’s hot out there! My shoulders need a breather, too!

      • Jo H.

        Your next post has a great solution – wide ribbon as straps! Could be added to any strapless refashion. Could even be pinned instead of sewn, I think.

  • Letitia

    Hi Jilian,
    This Muumuu looks like a perfect candidate to turn into a jumpsuit you see so often this summer, plenty material, some tropical flowers…. Nice small belt, flower brooch….
    Enjoy the summer time with your friends. And remember: in winter your hair is suffering from the cold (static?), your lips are dry and chapping from the cold wind, you have to wear a coat and gloves, remove ice from the car windows, get the blues from lack of sunlight etc…. summer is great, but in some areas in the world spring is better….. In the Netherlands we have sunny weather (30 C=86F) and some rain this year, last years we had only rain or drizzle….

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