Wannabe Wednesday: Tarjay Edition 1
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Wannabe Wednesday: Tarjay Edition

A Corset Story
From Muumuu to Wrap Dress

I shop at Target at least once a week.  Whether I’m out of shampoo, dog food, or I’ve suddenly ran out of soy milk, Tarjay has my back!  I always check out their clothes too…because…well…they have a lot of really cute stuff.

One such cute thing is this lovely maxi dress with grosgrain ribbon straps!

That'll be $29.99.
That’ll be $29.99.

Now…doesn’t that look like just about the most comfy/classy summer maxi you’ve seen?

Here.  Take a closer look at those straps!

Love it!
Love it!

The closest thing I had in my refashion stash was this suuuuper-long maxi dress that was also originally from Target.

So long!
So long!

WAIT!  What the!?!  That’s right, guys!  I’ve got a new ‘do!  Robin over at Bombshell Studio chopped my mass of tresses into a much more manageable bob!  🙂

First photo post-cut!

Alright…back to the refash!  🙂

My first step for this refashion was cutting a small strip from the bottom of the dress, like so:

My real estate is limited, but I make it work! :)
My real estate is limited, but I make it work! 🙂

The biggest thing I needed to change on this dress was the strappage!  Luckily, I had a roll of grosgrain ribbon in my stash.  I chopped off a section from each of the straps.  This is where the ribbon will go.

Snip! Snip!
Snip! Snip!
You don't need much at all!
You don’t need much at all!

Before I started with the ribbon, I really needed to change the neckline to make it more of a cowl, like on the original.  To do this, I cut off the hemmed edge of the neckline and stretched it out.

Snip and stretch!
Snip and stretch!

Now for the ribbon!  Okay…if I tried to just pin and sew the ribbon onto the dress, the feed dogs on my machine would pull one part more than the other, causing a bunched-up mess.  BUT, if I stabilize it, it’ll work just fine!  To accomplish this task, I reached for a roll of medical tape from when I had to tape up my broken toe a couple of months ago!


I just stitched right over the tape, then pulled it off when I was done!  And whaddyaknow?  It did the trick!  🙂

Stitchin' right along!
Stitchin’ right along!

After my straps were attached, I still needed to take in the top a tad to make the arm holes not quite so gapey.

It ain't no big thing.
It ain’t no big thing.


Stitch me one! Stitch me twice! Come on pretty baby...stitch me deadly! :P
Stitch me one! Stitch me twice! Come on pretty baby…stitch me deadly! 😛

After trimming off that extra fabric and tying the bottom strip around my waist, my copycat was complete!  🙂

Here we find Jillian in her natural habitat!
Here we find Jillian in her natural habitat!
Le back!
Le back!

I was pretty happy with my new frock.

Or maybe it was just the bubbly...;)
Or maybe it was just the bubbly…;)

My new haircut and my new dress kept me quite comfy and cool for an evening with friends!  🙂

Short hair rocks!
Short hair rocks!


This is Dan. I am fond of him. :)
This is Dan. I am fond of him. 🙂


Original Price:  $29.99

Copycat Price:  $1

Savings:  $28.99!


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