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I love a challenge!  When I was contacted by Jess from A Corset Story and asked if I would like to refash one of their corsets, I happily said yes!  After perusing the huge selection on their site, I eventually just asked them to surprise me.

You see…I’d never actually worn a corset before.  With the rise of boudoir photography, it seems like everyone is getting corseted and sexy.  “Why not?”  I asked.  “I can do it!”

Just like this!
“I’ll look just like this!” I thought.

Then it arrived in the mail.

Whoa Nelly!
Whoa Nelly!

You’re looking at a perfectly lovely black satin steel boned corset.  And I was looking at my rapidly-depleting nerve.  There’s a reason why you don’t ever see me in cute pinup-style dresses and stiletto pumps.  Any time I actually try to look sexy, I end up looking like a sad 12-year-old misfit playing dress-up.  :/

But I had to rise to the challenge!  I needed to make this intimidating garment look a little less severe.  I dug through my bins of fabric, and found this curtain panel I scored for 5o cents at a thrift shop ages ago.

Douglas wonders what's going on.
Douglas wonders what’s going on.

I began to cut.  I snipped out a section that was twice the size of the front of my corset, with an extra few inches added on.


I pressed 1″ of the long raw edge of this section down.

It's a most "pressing" matter.
It’s a most “pressing” matter.

Then, I cut it in half!


I pinned each of these lace sections to the front of my corset, like so:


There was no way my machine could handle sewing through this thing, so I got to enjoy a bit of relaxing TV watching while I hand-stitched.  🙂

I'm working, I swear!
I’m working, I swear!

Once the long parts were stitched down and the short parts were sewn to the inside, I tacked down each of the points!

Get the point?
Get the point?

Now!  What was I going to wear this with?  I opted for a street style friendly skinny jeans and tank combo with a fun green beret!  Dan helped me lace up the back (You definitely need help getting into one of these) as I sucked in braced myself against a doorjamb.  🙂

I thought my outfit was well-suited for an evening of art gallery crawling!

Check out my newly-waspified waist!
Check out my newly-waspified waist!

While in this alley, a gentleman to my left played director for my “photo shoot”.  😉

"Be confused!" he said.
“Be confused!” he said.
"Be sensual!" He said. I clearly think the Zoolander "Blue Steel" look is sensual.
“Be sensual!” He said. I clearly think the Zoolander “Blue Steel” look is sensual.


"You're an ANIMAL!" he shouted.
“You’re an ANIMAL!” he shouted.

Some of my friends were fascinated by my minified waistline.

My hypnotist (not kidding) friend, Fredric is fascinated!
My hypnotist (not kidding) friend, Fredric is fascinated!

But I liked that my new corset didn’t stick out too much or seem too odd to anyone.  🙂

I love those paintings behind me!
I love those paintings behind me!
It's filmmaker, Christ White! :)
It’s filmmaker, Chris White! 🙂
It's local artist, Michael Krajewski! :)
It’s local artist, Michael Krajewski! 🙂

My corset was surprisingly comfortable, and I must admit…my posture was stellar all night!  🙂

No slouching here!
No slouching here!

Thanks so much to A Corset Story for presenting me with this exciting challenge!  Do you think you’d wear a refashioned corset out and about, be it steampunk, girlie, funky, or crazy?  How would you have refashed/styled this one?



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