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Sheri’s Reader ReFash!

A Scrappy Skirt
A No-Sew Aquatic Muumuu Dress

I don’t usually feature kids on this blog, and I don’t plan on making a thing of it.  😉 I try to keep this blog focused on grownups refashioning for grownups.

But how could I resist sharing a refashion with this adorable tyke?  🙂

Think of the children!
Think of the children!

I loved this dress that was second handed to me… But it didn’t fit… Luckily… I have a mini-me!

Seriously.  Look at that cute kid!  I don’t like the vast majority of children (I just assume they’re up to no good!), but this one seems pretty awesome just judging by her mugging skills.  🙂

And look at the awesome job Sheri did in refashing this dress for her daughter!

That does it. I'm stealing this cutie and refashioning a fabulous wardrobe for her! :D
That does it. I’m stealing this cutie and refashioning a fabulous wardrobe for her! 😀

Well done Sheri!  And well done Sheri’s Mini-me!  🙂



Oh!  And don’t forget to enter the Pay it Forward Sewing Machine Giveaway!  The winner will be announced tomorrow!  Good luck! 🙂


  • TNTrish

    Great job!
    Most of my best re-fashing work was done trying to keep my four children clothed and looking good. Now that they are older (and two of them are grown) I can possibly find some time to do some stuff for ME!!

    Thanks for keeping your blog focused on grown-ups!

  • Caroline

    Love it! I know what you mean about other people’s children – I only adore my own (and even they drive me nuts 80% of the time!). This has given me inspiration to use a similar dress I no longer fit and would also look great on my mini me – so thanks Sheri!

  • TNTrish

    IT is ALL good!! ok, i just wish this forum would have been around when I was doing this for my four children….YEEEA HAW… back then i was designated as “thrifty”…and looked on as askance….(ok and i didnt drive the typical soccer mom car) but yet we ALL prevailed…. and moved on to better things…I am HAPPY mammas have caught on and are happy..and furthermore made their CHILDREN to believe it too!!

    it is good!

  • lrahrig

    Super cute! Is it bad of me to admit that I’m happy to read confirmation this blog is for adults? I don’t have any children and actually my new refashioning hobby is greatly helping me get over our newly discovered infertility. So even if I wanted to focus on children’s stuff, I can’t! Yikes, makes me feel guilty. But I did love this post because a) she is SUCH a cute girl and b) what a great refashion! So inspirational, as always. 🙂

  • Alicia Sproul

    I love your refashions! Sewing is a skill I have been trying to learn for a while now (crocheting too, but one difficult subject at a time! 🙂 ).

  • Jo H.

    I love the first picture so much I almost forgot to read the rest …

    Well done, Sheri! I agree with knockoffcrafter – the size of the tulip could have been a problem, but actually looked even better when the dress was cut down for your little girl. Wonderful!

  • Kim Douglas

    Well done refashion. I like how Sheri changed the top instead of just shortening the whole dress and taking in here and there; much more up to date. The little girl is darling, perfect little model for this blog. Fun!!!

  • omyn77

    You amaze me every day, how you take something that’s drab and frumpy to fantastico and fabulous ! I love the kids clothes, it shows the range of your talent, that you can basicly do this for ANYONE. I am an artist, and have never sewn clothes, but I love getting my email that shows me the surprising, fresh takes you have on these old clothes. It sings to the artist in me and the part of me that loves to take any piece that is old and loved and make it my own 🙂

  • Wilda

    Never beat yourself up about your feeling for children. I never liked any but my own! Hahaha. He has been nothing but Joy, even in some hard times. He made me a better person and still does. I know now that my life would never have been complete without being a Mother. AND big bonus, he was very small, so I sewed wonderful clothes for him, just like the other kids had. SEW ON!

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