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Darci’s Reader ReFash!

Two Tees, One Dress: A T-shirt to Dress Refashion
An Amazing Technicolor Dream Dress

Whew!  This has been one heck of a busy weekend, guys!  From having my fashion show  crashed by Ronald McDonald (not kidding) to seeing the awesome Fitz & the Tantrums, it’s been nuts!  Pics of the ReFashion Show are coming oh so soon, but for now, check out this fab refash by Darci from her blog, The Girl Who Loves to Craft!  🙂

This is another dress rescued from the Salvation Army for the bargain price of $2. It has a slight fish tail and is a bit longer in the back than the front. A few cuts and a little elastic goes a long way.



Well done!  I really like the print, and the new fishtail!  Seeing this refashion makes me a little sad that summer is coming to a close, and I’m about to have to wear sleeves again.  :/

Come closer!
Come closer!

Beautiful work, Darci!

To see more on this refash, be sure to check out Darci’s nifty blog!



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