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Two Tees, One Dress!

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When I found these tees for $1 at one of my fave thrift stores, I was QUITE excited!


Some of you know what this image is from.


It’s Charlie the Unicorn!  His two wiley companions want him to join them on a trip to Candy Mountain!  If you haven’t seen the viral youtube video (one of my faves), you really should.  It’s okay.  I can wait.

Ah!  Don’t you feel better now?  And have you learned a valuable lesson about succumbing to peer pressure?  🙂


I don’t really need any more T-shirts.  I have plenty.  BUT, I’ve wanted a few more T-shirt dresses lately, and that’s just what these two tees are about to become!

First, I laid the two tees inside-out with the Charlie tee on top, like so:


This is about how long I’ll want my dress to be.  Then, I grabbed my favorite T-shirt dress and placed it on top of the two tees.

Triple decker!
Lots o’ Layers!

I dug out my tailor’s chalk…

This little guy right here!
This little guy right here!

…and traced the dress on the two tees!  You can see I’m making my new dress longer than my original dress.


I cut off the top of the black tee and along the chalk line.  Then, I pinned the black parts to the Charlie tee!

See where I'm going with this?
See where I’m going with this?

I stitched the black part onto the Charlie parts.

Double-stitched and secure!  :)
Double-stitched and secure! 🙂

Okay!  So now I’ve got the right length, but what about those sides?  They’re still wide open!

First, I pinned my newly-fitted sides together, then I stitched those up as well!


Since the bottom of the black shirt is now the bottom of the dress, I didn’t have to worry about a hem, as there was already one there!

I wore my comfy new dress over to my fella’s place where we struggled to find good lighting for an “after” pic.

This is what I had to settle for.  :/

Don't judge me.
Yes.  He has a chalkboard bathroom.
Let's go to Candy Mountain, Charlie!  :D
Let’s go to Candy Mountain, Charlie! 😀

While Dan lovingly cooked us a tasty dinner, I sent a few final emails for my ReFashion Show (pics coming with next post!) and finished up a couple of articles for publications I write for (If you’re living hand to mouth, it helps to be ambidextrous!).

I work hard.
I work hard.
He's pretty swell!  :)
He’s pretty swell! 🙂


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