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Heather’s ReFashion Show Creation!

Mary's ReFashion Show Creation!
Two Tees, One Dress: A T-shirt to Dress Refashion

As most of you know, earlier this month I did a fashion show for SHE Greenville!  I somehow managed to talk/coerce several of my friends into letting me refashion a dress for them, and model it at the big SHE event!

One of these lovely ladies is Heather.

Heather is lovely, but this dress certainly isn’t!

When I found this $1 house dress, I immediately thought, “MAXI DRESS!”  But, as soon as the tall and limbsome Heather put it on, I realized there was no way it would be long enough…Or would it?  🙂

Saved by the scraps!
Saved by the scraps!

I used the leftover bit of a thrifted curtain from my corset refash to add length & interest to the bottom, and the leftover elastic from a fitted sheet I used to make a toga a while back to make the top strapless.  The sleeves I removed from the top were stitched into a sash for the waist, so this was an Almost No Waste refashion!  🙂

I didn’t take any “during” shots, as I was working furiously to get everything done for this fashion show, but if you have any questions on how I did this, please don’t hesitate to ask, and I’ll explain it to you.  🙂




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