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Heather’s ReFashion Show Creation!

Mary's ReFashion Show Creation!
Two Tees, One Dress: A T-shirt to Dress Refashion

As most of you know, earlier this month I did a fashion show for SHE Greenville!  I somehow managed to talk/coerce several of my friends into letting me refashion a dress for them, and model it at the big SHE event!

One of these lovely ladies is Heather.

Heather is lovely, but this dress certainly isn’t!

When I found this $1 house dress, I immediately thought, “MAXI DRESS!”  But, as soon as the tall and limbsome Heather put it on, I realized there was no way it would be long enough…Or would it?  🙂

Saved by the scraps!
Saved by the scraps!

I used the leftover bit of a thrifted curtain from my corset refash to add length & interest to the bottom, and the leftover elastic from a fitted sheet I used to make a toga a while back to make the top strapless.  The sleeves I removed from the top were stitched into a sash for the waist, so this was an Almost No Waste refashion!  🙂

I didn’t take any “during” shots, as I was working furiously to get everything done for this fashion show, but if you have any questions on how I did this, please don’t hesitate to ask, and I’ll explain it to you.  🙂





  • Sarah

    Pardon me, I’ve been reading through all your old posts, so this comment is rather late! This dress is lovely and the idea of adding in lace to give more length is wonderful, but it doesn’t seem quite cohesive enough. I think an addition of a strip of the original orange fabric around the bottom of the lace section would tie the lace in and make the design look more intentional, rather than it looking like an add-on! Just a suggestion if you ever decide to refash a dress like this again.

  • Avery

    Right on the mark, the lace pattern goes perfectly with the design in the dress. I love orange, it gives everyone a bright and fresh look. So many possibilities by just using a lace curtain panel.

  • Fanta

    I have a question! It looks like there are pleats in the front? (please forgive if that’s not the right term!), did you cut the dress in strips and then sew the seams together? I LOVE this piece. 🙂

    • ReFashionista

      I have an answer! Nope. 🙂 It just got a pleated look from being cinched at the waist. I kind of wish I had saved this frock for myself! 🙂

  • Cheryl

    It looks like I’m the only one who really doesn’t get this refashion. I love all the others. Just differences in taste I guess 🙂

  • Desarae

    This is perfect…the lace is beautiful, it looks ‘on purpose’ and flows together so well. Great job! Your friend’s before and after transformation was great too! Question…did you make a tube with the same width at top and bottom, or was it tapered and more A-line?

  • thisblogisnotforyou

    great idea! Funnily I was just thinking about something similar yesterday. I have a wayyy too short skirt I wanted to lengthen with a bit of chiffon/black lace. After seeing this, I really need to try this now 🙂

  • Tara C.

    You know, every time I see one of the “before” dresses, I think “Eeh. Why?” As in, why would you buy it! And then you refashion it, and it’s great! You have an incredible talent! Thank you for all of the hard work you do!

  • Christine

    Wow! I am not a fan of maxi dresses because they seem to ‘drag down’ so many people wearing them …maybe it’s the visual weight of all that fabric…mmm…could be, because the lace bottom (which I would never have thought of 😉 adds the needed length while keeping everything light and airy. Great job! You have been really on a roll of late – can’t wait to see what you create next!

    • ReFashionista

      Thanks! Right now I’m in Austin, TX…having a blast thrifting/refashioning my way around this fun city. Can’t wait to share!

  • Melissa

    This is probably my favorite refashion I have seen of yours!! You should make another one for yourself! I am seriously in love with this dress

  • blacklambphotography

    Great refashion. Your friends looks lovely. But what I love most is your before photos. You or your friends put on these sheepish faces and then in the after shot your hair, makeup and expressions are all that and then some for style. Love it!

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