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Jani’s ReFashion Show Creation!

First Plane to Austin Top
Krystal's ReFashion Show Creation!

Jani is a gorgeous young woman who deserves a sassy dress!  Unfortunately, all I had on hand was this:

Boo.  :(
Boo. 🙁

That dark teal is perfect for Jani’s complexion,  But the dress itself is just too nightgowny and not a good fit.  :/

I needed to go way outside the box for this one, folks!  I turned the dress upside down, cut off the bodice, added a few seams, and now….


I hate to play favorites, but I think this is the best dress from the ReFashion show at SHE Greenville!  🙂  Jani looks awesome in it and I think it really suits her and her personality!  🙂

But of course, all of my friends looked amazing and did a fabulous job.  I can’t thank them enough for helping me!  They’re all pretty terrific!

Love these ladies!
Love these ladies!



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