Welcome to Austin! 1
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Welcome to Austin!

Manmosa Dress
First Plane to Austin Top

After Dan and I arrived in Austin post-plane nap,  we immediately hit up a few thrift shops.  You see…I intentionally packed quite light.

Douglas doesn't want me to go!
Douglas doesn’t want me to go!

The only change of clothes I had was a little black dress.  So, unless I wanted to look like a bedraggled Audrey Hepburn all weekend, I needed to get some not-so-new duds!

I found a couple of terrific frocks at Treasure City Thrift!

I wonder what treasures await!  :)
I wonder what treasures await! 🙂

Then, Dan and I stumbled upon the BIGGEST thrift store I’ve ever seen!


Apparently everything really IS bigger in Texas, as this place is flippin’ HUGE!!!!

Never Ever Buy New!!!
Never Never Ever Buy New!!!

While I was looking through the endless racks,  Dan ran up to me with this!

It's a Purseranian!  ;)
It’s a Purseranian! 😉

We made a friendly wager.  If this pic could get 10 likes on facebook, I would invest the $3 for this fine creature.

He won.  :/


We got back to our Airbnb home, where I washed and dried the day’s finds!

Old-fashioned dryer!
Old-fashioned dryer!

I thought that zebra number on the left would be just the thing for a dinner with friends in the 100+degree heat!

It's seriously 105 degrees out there, y'all!
It’s seriously 105 degrees out there, y’all!

I couldn’t resist taking a second “before” pic with our hosts’ chickens in the background.  🙂

Aren't they cute?
Aren’t they cute?

I retreated from heat to the comfort of our air-conditioned room and got to work!

First, I pinned that collar down on the inside.  I didn’t want to completely get rid of it, as I think I might occasionally like it (just not tonight).  🙂

I brought safety pins!
I brought safety pins!

Then, I made a few chops!

It's just too darn hot for any of that!
It’s just too darn hot for any of that!

I added a hem to the bottom of my new dress.

I brought a mini pin cushion!
I brought a mini pin cushion!

I stitched my new hem down…

I brought a mini sewing machine!
I brought a mini sewing machine!

…then pinned those cut-off sleeves and sewed ’em up!

Taking up those sleeve holes!
Taking up those sleeve holes! 

Now…I always tell you guys to press your hems, but there I was…stuck without an iron!  :/

…Or was I?

I'm sure my hostess won't mind!
I’m sure my hostess won’t mind!

It worked just fine!  🙂

I'm the MacGyver of Refashioning!
I’m the MacGyver of Refashioning!

I turned that bottom scrap into a sash, and was ready for fun evening in this terrific city!

Not bad for an on-the-road rehash, eh?  :)
Not bad for an on-the-road rehash, eh? 🙂

Of course, Dan talked me into bringing my new accessory with me.  😉

She got a refashion of her own!  :)
She got a refashion of her own! 🙂
We named her Ladybird!
We named her Ladybird!
Natalia <3s Ladybird too!  :)
Natalia <3s Ladybird too!

If you’re ever in Austin, I can’t recommend Takoba enough!  They have delicious cocktails and fabulous food!

Soooo much yum in front of me on that table! *sigh*

Stay tuned for MORE Austin adventures!  🙂



Welcome to Austin! 2


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