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Hope’s Reader ReFash!

If Clothes Could Talk
From Muumuu to Maxi Dress

Every now and then a refashion comes my way that knocks my socksies right off!

This is one of such refashions.

Confession time:  When I bought this dress I had no desire of changing the design—I actually fell in love with it!  Common, It’s not every day that you find an 80’s thrift store stowaway WITHOUT the stereotypical puffy sleeve duo.

But alas, after months of accumulating guilt knowing I was never going to wear the thing I finally took the challenge re-doing it!  So I began to draw. And draw.  Aaaaand draw.  With the amount of fabric I had to work with the possibilities where endless I just had to find the one that *clicks*  right into place.  Which would be later then sooner!  The moment the new design *poofed* into my head I knew it was a very austintatious move, but completely irresistible!  Before I knew it, in the name of fashion designers everywhere, its once vintage beauty was scattered across my room.  Seam ripper in hand I was plopped down in the middle of the chaos, covered in aqua thread!  But, oh, the promise it foretold…



My mind is blown.  Check out her awesome sketch!

Hope was a woman with a plan!
Hope was a woman with a plan!

And check out the back!


Well done!  I hope (har har) to see even more amazing refashions from this amazing ReFashionista!


You so rock, Lady!
You so rock, Lady!


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