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Scrub Upcycle!

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About a month ago, a nurse friend of mine asked me to feature a few scrub refashions on this blog.

She has tons of old scrubs that she can’t use for work anymore, but she hated to just toss them out or donate them if something else could be done.

I love a challenge!

Scrub Upcycle Before
I don’t want no scrubs!

Is TLC’s “No Scrubs” running through anyone else’s head?  ðŸ™‚

A scrub is a guy who thinks he's fly...
A scrub is a guy who thinks he’s fly…

I have no use for this scrub top, as rather than going into medicine, I chose to major in Theatre and English (a far more practical option, no?).  

I also had no use for this funky stain on one of the sleeves.


But where to begin?  I knew I didn’t like that hospital green, so I grabbed some dye supplies!

Now we're talking!
Now we’re talking!

I folded my top into a small rectangle, like so:

So foldable!
So foldable!

Then I soaked it in its dye bath for about an hour or so.

It's in there. I promise!
It’s in there. I promise!

I was wanting a funky irregular dye pattern, hence the foldage.  ðŸ™‚

After my top was dyed, rinsed, and dried, I chopped the sleeves with my pinking shears, leaving just enough fabric to sew under.


Then, I stitched the pinked edges under!

First you pin...
First you pin…
Stitching armhole for scrub refashion
…Then you stitch!

I chose a fun, graduated red thread for a nice contrast.

graduated red spool of thread on sewing machine
Pretty, eh?

I think it looks quite nice!

decorative red zigzag stitch
The stitch that zigs!

With my armholes nicely redone, all I needed to do was take my new top in a bit!

taking scrub top refashion in on sewing machine

I cut off that extra material, gave my new top a good press, and was ready to head off to the farm!

scrub top refashion in field
Welcome to the farm!

A friend of mine hosts an annual Oktoberfest party at his family’s farm.  It was delightful!

Getting a tour of the house.
Getting a tour of the house. Douglas is fascinated!
refashionista in refashioned scrub top with friend
The farm at twilight!
Upcycled Scrub Top After
I prefer the city life!
Fresh air, a sweet guy, and a tasty brew!
Fresh air, a sweet guy, and a tasty brew!
Sitting pretty in my new top!
Sitting pretty in my new top!
Douglas the Dachshund
farm view
What a view!

I had so much fun with this refashion, that I can’t wait to try other ideas to re-do more old scrubs!  ðŸ™‚


Scrub Top Upcycle Before and After
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