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Polka Dot Peplum Jacket

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For Dan’s birthday, I needed something nice but casual for a night at The Whig with friends.  He was finally turning 31 (Yes kids…I’m actually dating someone who’s younger than me for a change…shocking!), and I wanted to look put together, but not like I was really trying too hard.

This looks like a perfect birthday outfit, doesn’t it?

For one of the cast members of Designing Women maybe...
For one of the cast members of Designing Women maybe…

As you know by now, I HATE fake layers.  I don’t understand them.  I’m a grownup.  I can do my own layering dammit. *stomps foot and pouts*

I immediately began chopping all that fakery away!

Goodbye fake skirt!
Goodbye fake skirt!
Farewell fake shirt!
Farewell fake shirt!

Oh…and we can’t forget these:

I know I have no shoulder muscles, and I've grown to accept this.
I know I have no shoulder muscles, and I’ve grown to accept this.

Since the only thing about this original piece that I actually liked was the peplum jacket, that’s the only part of this that I really wanted.  The skirt part was itchy and sheer, and that fake shirt was just a V-shaped insert.

I wrapped the jacket part around my waist and pinned it with a favorite brooch.

Sorry it's so dark!
Sorry it’s so dark!

I’ve paired it with black jeans and my black flats.  Nice & Basic!  Now I have a top I can wear for work (picture it with a black pencil skirt and heels!), as well as play!

Smug selfie!
Smug selfie!

Dan had an awesome birthday that was made even awesomer by a friend who was in town from China!

Hello Josh!
Hello Josh!

This is Josh Beard.  He’s the guy who took that dramatic black and white photo that’s been hanging out on the top of my blog since Day 1.  🙂  You can see more of his work here.

Josh even brought Dan a very…interesting…birthday gift!

Don't look "Sanbian Wine" up on Google.  Just don't.
Don’t look “Sanbian Wine” up on Google. Just don’t.

Do yourself a favor.  Don’t Google this.  You’ll be happier for it.

I brought more traditional birthday fare!  🙂

Tasty Cakes!
Tasty Cakes!

Many drinks were consumed…

Mostly Cider for me!
Mostly Cider for me!

…and height comparisons were made.

I look like I'm their young child.  :(
I look like I’m their young child. 🙁

I think Dan had a good time.  🙂

Dan?  Are you with me?  Hello?
Dan? Are you with me? Hello?
Ah!  That's better!  :)
Ah! That’s better! 🙂



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  • Tracy Newman

    I love your blog. Not only do we get the great refashions, but we get the great humor as well. My daughter has a height difference with most of her friends that is similar to yours.. I laugh because I don’t think of her as short or small, because she has a larger than life personality. She was told at a young age that you are only as big as your brain. If you think small, you are, if you think big, you are. So there you have it, you aren’t small (short) You are larger than life. 🙂

  • Amelia

    Love your blog, and love the look but I have to defend fake layers (well at least tops I don’t understand the fake skirt). I have Sensory Processing Disorder which basically means that my brain didn’t build up some of the filters that normal brains have so I’m extremely sensitive to any number of things. One of those things is clothes so I’m picky in what I wear. I love the layered look, but wearing the layers sometimes is really uncomfortable to me, so having a single shirt that looks layered helps a lot.

    • ReFashionista

      I had never heard of SPD, and just looked it up. Wow. Thank you for telling me about this. And if you ever want any tips on how to refashion some of your clothes to give them fake layers, please don’t hesitate to message me at [email protected].

      Once again, thank you for sharing this valuable insight into something I hadn’t thought of.

      • Amelia

        It’s not something people are aware of, so we try to inform people. A lot of us adults just grew up thinking we were weird or quirky. I’m not quite ready to refash yet, I’m still working on getting a proper hem done.

  • christinapertz1

    How old are you??? I totally thought you were younger than me, but if Dan just turned 31…you’re older than me! I turned 30 this past January, I totally thought you were maybe 27? You’re too well versed in craft beers to be too close to 21!

    Another lovely refashion!

  • Deborah

    Very cute jacket. I didn’t click the beverage link but DID click the photographer link. Wow you look amazing with a shaved head. I love the full photo

  • Stephanie Owens

    The refashion is great but I did not heed your advice and I did google the wine. Oh my….that is so funny and what a gift!!! I sincerely hope ya’ll enjoy it!!!!

  • Heather

    I love not following instructions and clicked the link (you so graciously made for us!). LOL! Is what I say to that! But if you click on “images” for your Google search, your pic is now associated with the images for that beverage…accidental marketing? Or is it… 🙂

  • Kim Douglas

    Guess I’ll just say “ditto” with Sneza above. Was just getting ready to comment something about you’re talented vision, etc., but having “the sight!” is so much more “Jillian.” lol. I have no idea what the next sentence means but I agree with it too:) Nice job

  • Deb Marrett

    Rarely do I look at the clothes on the rack behind you.(It amazes me when others comment about this and how observant they are) but I actually did the last time you posted and thought, “I want to see what she does with the polka dots!!” I absolutely love what you have done with this.

  • Miranda

    Love the new take on that old outfit! I agree completely on the fake layers, give me 2 separate pieces and I will layer them (or not) as I see fit, because I’m a big girl and I can do that. The faux layers leave no room for improvisation and making things work with new stuff. I think it’s a cheap out way for a company to follow a layering fad without using as much fabric, and also force you to buy new when it looks dated quickly and the only way to fix it is a refashion/replacement. Most of us are lazy and buy new. Shoulder pads… ugh, I’m not huge, but I’ve got more shoulder than the ladies they design for, so shoulder pads make me look like a linebacker wannabe. Not to mention that they don’t like to stay in place anyways. I avoid them or cut them out wherever possible as well.

  • Heather Hogan

    “Don’t press the red button” syndrome means everyone will know what that wine is before the day is out.

    It didn’t shock me, but I’m a fan of Bizarre Foods. That doesn’t mean I would try it.

    I love how you harvested the good bit of that dress!

  • Linda

    I know i should say something very flattering about the refashion but i am still crying in my pants because of the 3P wine. Life will never be the same again.

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