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ReFashionista Loves Groovy Garbage!

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In a recent trip to a local art fair, I stumbled upon something quite awesome.  Amidst all the painters and potters, one vendor really stood out.  I love what they’re doing, and I want to tell you about why I’m loving…


I was first drawn in by these hip & modern handbags:

Quite badass, no?
Quite badass, no?

Look at them!  Look closer!  Can you tell what they’re made of?

They’re inner tubes from old tires that would have ended up in a landfill!

So who is behind Groovy Garbage?  What are they about?

We are a husband and wife team.
My name is Richie and my wife’s name
is Jane.  We both have full time careers;
I am a Cardiovascular Technologist.  Jane
is a Dental Hygienist.

They're a busy pair!
They’re a busy pair!

Groovy Garbage uses materials destined
for the landfill to design and create unique,
durable fashion and home accessories!
We use upcycled inner tubes, repurposed
signs and banners, salvaged beach chair
fabric, and an ever changing array of
raw materials.

The materials they use are as varied as the waste they find around their North Myrtle Beach home, such as this pouch that was made from old beach chair mesh.

Like this pouch made from salvaged Beach Chair Mesh!
Wouldn’t this make an awesome makeup bag? 🙂

…or these earrings made from bicycle tire inner tubes!

Love 'em!
Love ’em!

Or this happy laptop sleeve made from an old vinyl sign!

I think my mac would like to live in there!  :)
I think my mac would like to live in there! 🙂

THIS is what refashioning is all about.  Helping our planet, preventing waste, and expressing creativity & style!

Richie and Jane — You rock.

I hope you’ll take the time to check out the Groovy Garbage website.  If you take a liking to their work, you should mosey on over to their Etsy store as well.  🙂

I hate to play favorites, buuuuut….

Cheers…and stay Groovy!  🙂


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