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We’re Not in Kansas Anymore – Kat’s Darling Dorothy Costume!

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This week’s Reader ReFash is a fun bit of Halloween Costume Inspiration (HCI)!  🙂

Costumes are so much fun!  But it isn’t very fun buying some cheaply-made plastic garb from Halloween Express.  And c’mon…do you really want to be a sexy _____(fill in the blank with Cop, Cat, Tree, or Whatever else they’ve found a way to make “sexy”)?  Why not get creative instead?

Kat totally gets it.  🙂  She began her costume quest with this dowdy housedress:

Don’t be glum! I’m sure there’s a cute costume hiding in there somewhere! 🙂

Ever since I was a child, I have loved The Wizard of Oz, so when I saw this housecoat in a dollar bin, I knew I had to make it into a Dorothy costume.

Let’s be honest, it was way too ugly to be left as is–even if I was only going to wear it as a costume. As I looked it over, I decided that the best course would be to cut the sleeves off, re-stitch the seams,  and take in the sides. However, when I saw pinking shears in the sewing drawer, I thought of a much quicker route. I simply cut the sleeves off with the pinking shears and left them as they were.

I belted off my new dress to make it a no-sew refash.

Lastly, I added red shoes and Toto to complete the look.

Emerald City here I come!

Beautiful! And I think Toto agrees! ;)
Beautiful! And I think Toto agrees! 😉

Well done, Kat!  You certainly managed to do a lot with one dollar!

Happy Halloween!  🙂



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