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Dress to Top and Fun Life Things!

From Frumpy Dress to Funky Sweater!
A Trace & Stitch Dress Refashion

Hello!  Welcome to November!

I’m happy to start this new month with some pretty big news!  🙂  As most of you know, I don’t just get to hang out at home refashioning all day.  I, like many of you, have a full-time day job.  I’ve been working at the South Carolina Arts Commission for seven years as their Grants Manager.  It’s been real.

But sometimes you just need a change.  I’m very excited to announce I’ve accepted a position with the United Way of the Midlands!  🙂


I’ll be working as the Program Assistant for the Health Council and the Financial Stability Council in UWM’s community work.  This will include organization of community impact work, grant management & development, and program research.  I’m greatly looking forward to helping the underserved through my work with this terrific organization!

But this doesn’t mean the refashioning can stop!  Heck no!  I needed to make something fast for a relaxing movie night with friends.  I thought this lovely black dress would work nicely.

Did I say work nicely?  I meant twerk nicely!  ;)
Did I say work nicely? I meant twerk nicely! 😉

I’m about to make yet another top (don’t worry, I’ll get back to dresses again soon!).  All I really needed was a big chop.

Thanks for the help, Douglas!
Thanks for the help, Douglas!

I could’ve taken it in, but I was in a loose & flowy mood! 🙂 I couldn’t just leave that raw edge fraying away, so I gave it a hem.


I used the bottom scrap as a sash to give my new flowy top a bit of shape, and ran out the door…but I didn’t go it alone!

Every outfit pairs well with a dachshund!  ;)
Every outfit pairs well with a dachshund! 😉

Yep, I still have my sweet little foster kid, Bandit.  He’s doing great, and he really enjoyed the movie too!  🙂  If you think you’d be a good furever (see what I did there?) home for him, you can check out his profile on Little Paws Dachshund Rescue’s website.

2013 has been an awesome year full of new things, hasn’t it?  🙂



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