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Into the Awkward!

Gotta Love December in the South!
Dreaming of a White (Elephant) Christmas!

Today I woke up feeling really really off and awkward.  It was a weird day.  Then it became a sad day when I was reminded that this would be my friend Jonny’s birthday if he were still here.  And writing an article entitled “Hey Ladies.  This is Why You’re Still Single.” (I’m working on it, Alan.  I’m working on it.  You’ll get it today, I swear.) was a little tough to stomach when I’m so very clearly not an expert here.  :/

It was time to take on the type of awkwardness I’m actually good at dealing with.  The kind of awkward I can totally handle.  The awkward I can fix.  The awkward I kind of love.

I'm an awkward moment that somehow gained sentience.
I’m an awkward moment that somehow gained sentience.

You’re looking at a handmade polyester dress that looks red to me, but is apparently actually orange?  You tell me.

Anywho…It’s awkward.  It doesn’t fit, and then there was this awkward bib thing that I didn’t quite understand:

Modesty bib?  What?
Modesty bib? What?

The bib snapped out, so that was an easy fix, but I still needed to take on the fit (or rather lack thereof) of the dress.

First I pinned…


…then I stitched!


I decided I wasn’t in the mood for a dress at the last minute, so I chopped off the bottom part.

Check out my feet awkwardly hanging out…

I added a new hem to my new and rapidly-fraying raw edge…

Just a lil hem.
Just a lil hem.

After a quick press, my new top was ready to hang out with some lovely friends!

My new top also loves wings!
My new top also loves wings!
<3 The Fosters!
Lovely Ladies! 🙂
Lovely Raspberry Beer!
Lovely friends!
Lovely friends!
Lovely Kitteh!
Lovely Kitteh!
A lovely gathering!
A lovely gathering!
Awkward Cat Moment.
Awkward Cat Moment.
It's okay Wolfie.  We can be awkward together!  :)
It’s okay Wolfie. We can be awkward together! 🙂



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