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Hey Guys!  I’m still handling this whole blog thing for Mom.  She tells me she’s having an awesome time, which makes me wonder why she didn’t take me with her.  :/  I know what I said before about needing my space and all, but I’m really starting to miss that kooky chick.  🙁  But I know she wouldn’t want me to hide under the covers and sulk, so I’ll share another fun Reader ReFash with you instead!

Meet Sondra from Cincinnati, Ohio!

...and her shirt!
…and her shirt!

As you can see, this shirt was wayyyy too big on me, but i really liked the fabric. I’ve also recently decided my closet is seriously lacking anything black.

Easy fix. I chopped off the sleeves and took in the sides. Pretty standard for me (as you are most likely aware if you’ve seen any of my past upcycles). I felt that it needed a little something extra though. Lately I’ve been rather fond of gold. This fondness resulted in my decision to paint the buttons of this top gold. Perfect.


I really like the painted buttons.  I think I’ll pass that idea on to my mom!  🙂

Mom should have one of these!
Mom should have one of these!

You can read more on this refash right here, and you should definitely check out Sondra’s blog, The Whale’s Endeavors!


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