An Easy Button-Up Shirt to Dress Refashion 1
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An Easy Button-Up Shirt to Dress Refashion

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Warmth is finally here and it’s here to stay!  🙂  Huzzah!!!  

One of my favorite things about warmer weather is how nicely it pairs with a walk down Columbia’s Main Street to check out some fun local art!

When I found out there would be a Monsters on Main Street art crawl for April’s First Thursday on Main monthly art event, I knew I had to see them (and defend my fellow citizens if necessary)!

After work, I ran home for a quick costume change, but all I could find was this $1 thrifted shirt:

refashionista easy button up shirt to dress refashion before
I clearly didn’t look on that rack directly behind me. 😉

This is such an easy refashion, and it doesn’t involve one teensy bit of sewing!

First, I got rid of these little guys…

removed shoulder pads
I’ll miss you guys (not really)!

Then, I just buttoned the dress up except for the top button and tied the arms around my waist.

TA-DA!!!! Instant Dress!

button up shirt to dress refashion after
Don’t fret! I’m wearing a strapless slip underneath!

I was happy to see lots of people out and about, including The Godzilla Guy, Sean McGuinness himself!

Jillian Owens and Sean McGuinness
We ain’t skeered!

Other artists managed to make it out as well!

Jillian Owens, Faith Mathis and Blue Sky
It’s Faith Mathis and Blue Sky! 🙂

And of course, Arts Leaders are people too!

Lee from One Columbia
It’s Lee from One Columbia!

My tied-on dress stayed up just fine…

button up shirt to dress refashion after
I love that golden hue! 🙂

…and luckily those monsters kept to themselves!

monster traffic cones
Why can’t all traffic cones look like these? 🙂

So yes, this was a totally simple refashion, but I’m okay with that.  

Just playing with drape, twisting, and tying can really get your creative juices flowing.  

I plan on doing another refashion with this shirt that actually involves sewing, but I’ll miss my tied-on dress when this happens.  🙂


refashionista no sew button up shirt to dress refashion before and after
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