A T-Shirt to Halter Top DIY 2
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A T-Shirt to Halter Top DIY

Refashioning my Way Out of a Slump
An Easy Button-Up Shirt to Dress Refashion

As most of you know, late last year I made a big career change from being the Grants Manager at the SC Arts Commission, to working in Community Impact at United Way of the Midlands.  

When United Way launched National Volunteer Week with their Day of Action and needed volunteers to help give out information about our services at the Soda City Farmers Market, I happily signed up!

There was just one thing…I had to wear this shirt.

united way tshirt before refashion
It’s not bad, but…

It’s a perfectly fine T-shirt.  But I wasn’t really in the mood to wear a boring T-shirt on one of the few gorgeous sunny days we’ve had here lately.  

So, I pulled out my tailor’s chalk and got to marking!

I folded it in half so both sides would be Even Steven!
I folded it in half so both sides would be Even Steven!

Then, I cut along that chalked line.  

This left some raw edges that needed closing, so I got to it!

pinning top edge of shirt

I stitched the front and back of my new top down…

sewing top hem

…then I pinned those cut-off sided together and stitched them down as well!

pinning side of tshirt halter top
First ya pin, then ya stitch!

Almost done!  I just needed a couple of straps to hold my new top up. Luckily, I had a spool of black grosgrain ribbon on hand!

I pinned two lengths of ribbon to the front of my top.

pinning ribbon to front of top
Buy a spool today! It comes in so handy!

After two more short little whirrrrrs, I was all done!

sewing ribbon on tshirt halter top refashion
The last step!

My new top was comfy as could be for a day spent in the warm sun!

united way tshirt after refashion
Don’t judge the harem pants, mkay?

I could have made my top a bit more fitted, but as I actually work for United Way, I kind of wanted to be as non-provocative as possible.  I’m sure you understand.  🙂

While out at the market, I ran into a couple of fun friends!

refashionista with friend
Hiya Allie! 🙂

One lovely pal even gave me a very thoughtful gift!  🙂

Jillian and Cole
Thanks, Cole!

By the end of the day, I just wanted to unwind a bit, so I did.  🙂

refashionista with mimosa
Vitamin C is good for you…even in a mimosa! 🙂

I hope you all make the time to give back to your community (no matter where that is) this week, as well as all year long!


refashionista DIY Halter top from tshirt


  • Alice Sawyer

    I just found your blog and I have to say…you have AMAZING style! I love all of your outfit modifications and improvements! 🙂 Your posts are really inspiring and have been enjoying it thoroughly.
    I am definitely going to give that a try with some of my shirts and vintage dresses which I just got from Vintage Swank for such a great deal. I’m excited!

  • Flo

    Clever idea–especially for a black t-shirt to be worn outside in a hot climate! You would have cooked otherwise, and you looked tres chic!

  • Carrie

    This is such a cute idea. I am thinking about looking for some T-shirts on my monthly Good Will trip this weekend. (For my teenage daughter and me) I would love to find some cute Ts to change into halters for this Summer. I think that using a different color ribbon would be cute as well and maybe even putting said ribbon around the top edge as well! 🙂 Thanks for the cute idea! Oh…and another funny note. My mother and I are avid Good Will shoppers…but we say…Oh…I got it at G.W. People just smile and nod…thinking it’s a new little boutique or store…LOL! I would care either way…but just thought it was cute.

  • Allie

    Random question unrelated to the refashioning, but is Cole the artist of the gift or did he just frame a print for you? Because if he’s the artist I have a tattoo influenced directly from one of his prints!

  • Michelle Swetland

    All I can say is Awesome! I want one! Really really bad! It is sew cute ( lame,I know)! You are truly beautiful inside and out! Thanks for all you do!

  • Willow

    Loved the shirt & especially those harem pants (refashioned or not, they rock!)!!! Please, please show us how to make them out of a large maxi skirt some day!! I know it can be done, but I’ve already ruined one skirt attempting to make them : (

  • Kathryn

    What an awesome idea! I love statement tees..well, love the statements, hate the tees…this is a great way to chic it up!

  • Stephanie

    So I’ve recently rediscovered your blog and I also recently acquired a sewing machine. Guess where I am right now? I’ll give you a hint- starts with good, ends with will.

  • Ali

    Totally LOVE that Jillian! Why am I not surprised you work for a charity? We all seem to come together somehow – I am the Marketing Director for Ronald McDonald House Charities of Tampa Bay. We are in this together! And…your new top looks fabulous!

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